Let's celebrate 'Harmony Week' and encourage a more peaceful future

The Little Unicorn are celebrating ‘Harmony Week’ from an early age

The Little Unicorn are celebrating ‘Harmony Week’ from an early age

‘Harmony Week’ 17th - 23rd of March is being celebrated by our Sponsors The Little Unicorn Early Education Centres this week by children donning the colour orange.

Harmony week is meant to signify a celebration of Australian multiculturalism and the rich tapestry that is being interwoven everyday of differing cultures coming together in Harmony and ultimately enriching each other’s life experience.

Harmony Week encourages inclusiveness, respect and belonging amongst all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values and I think it’s so important to instil these values in our children from a young age.

The more respect is shown, the closer people can come together to celebrate each other’s differences and develop a deeper level of understanding of what makes each person unique. When we come from a place of love and understanding and a willingness to open our minds and hearts to each other, we find true respect for others, we banish hate and we grow as humans and as a culture of peace. As mums it is our duty to educate our children in such ways to shape the future we all want.

OUTDOOR RENOVATIONS: with Charlie Albone from Selling Houses Australia and Inspired Exteriors

Charlie Albone exhibiting at Chelsea Flower Show

Charlie Albone exhibiting at Chelsea Flower Show

How’s your outdoor area? I’ve met Charlie a couple of times one of my close friends a fellow Yogie Anna’s lovely husband Tim works with him but I haven’t really had the opportunity to back Charlie into a corner at a social function and start going on about my dog ruined, crappy backyard so getting him on NHM- I GOT HIM FROM MY MUMMA seemed like a perfect idea. Charlie is on the box at the moment in the latest Selling Houses Australia series but if you’d like to get him over to your place you can find him daily at Inspired Exteriors.

Here are some of the things we talked to Charlie about, click the link below for the NHM-I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA, Outdoor Renovations show.


An old wooden boat set into the backyard to create a pirate ship

A little deck for a stage 


Neat and Tidy, have a tidy up, makes a world of difference, especially before selling

Add an archway to an expansive outdoor area

Charlie’s creation at a home in St Ives

Charlie’s creation at a home in St Ives


Is it worth investing in a fence? 

If all your neighbours have one yes. If they don’t, no. 


If you are on a sloping block and it will cost tens of thousands don’t bother with a fence. 

Try to create some ‘useful’ level areasand build your own retaining walls 


Can be expensive. Lots of people love them because it creates a nice common area you can enjoy with your friends. 

A beautiful outdoor space where you can entertain with friends can be a hero of your house. Charlie’s creation in Terrigal

A beautiful outdoor space where you can entertain with friends can be a hero of your house. Charlie’s creation in Terrigal

Consider do you need the fire pit or could you just create the same nice common area without one. 

Go for a cheaper option - Mel’s partner Mick acquired a drum from inside an old washing machine and mounted it on bricks and it works perfectly. 


Train them to do their business in a certain part of the backyard 

Contain them in their own space in one part of the yard or get a cat 


From a ‘real estate’ point of view they’re viewed as one of the worst investments you can make in a house however Charlie says he loves his pool and his kids use it all the time so he doesn’t believe it. 

It will make your home attractive to some buyers put put others off.

INDOOR RENOVATIONS with Mato Demir from Demato Construction and Maxine and Karstan

Make it happen at your place! with Demato Construction

Make it happen at your place! with Demato Construction

We’ve recently been faced with a problem. Our house is too small and it just doesn’t work for our growing family. We have thought like many, do we sell or do we renovate? When we looked around for houses to buy we thought we’re really buying another person’s home it’s not what we want plus you’re buying other problems that that house has that yours doesn’t so we’ve chosen to renovate.

One of the hardest things to do when renovating is finding the right builder lucky I know a sensational, honest and local builder from The Stars of Newcastle. We raised money together for The Cancer Council a few years ago and he actually won the competition in a draw with Sam from NBN. He has assured me he’s equip to do all NHM Mumma’s renovations too. I let him know there was quite a few of us and he seemed ok with it.

Contact Demato here.

LISTEN to our show below to get some incredible renovation advice for your renovation with Mato and Maxine and Karstan from The Block.

Joint winners of The Stars of Newcastle Mato Demir and Sam Djordan

Joint winners of The Stars of Newcastle Mato Demir and Sam Djordan

Here are some great tips from the show.


Mato Demir, Demato Constructions 


You’re not building the Eiffel Tower most of the renovations you’re contemplating have been done by other families and most good builders will be able to devise a practical plan for you that will work sensationally.


You may need to get some structural advice from a builder before you go knocking down walls because your roof might fall down if the walls are holding it up.

“ A lot of people just rip a wall out, then wonder why the ceiling has collapsed”


Going up is a big deal and it’s expensive probably double or more of going out.


Take a little bit from the bedroom next to the study instead of just converting the study. That will make your forth bedroom better than just an afterthought. 


Maxine and Kartan in their grandmother’s house that they renovated with their feature ‘cactus’ in the background

Maxine and Kartan in their grandmother’s house that they renovated with their feature ‘cactus’ in the background

You can create design ‘features’ in your house to make it pop, you don’t have to have state of the art every which way you look mix elements of old and new, modern and not so modern.


Chevron Parquetry Flooring and polished concrete atop of the floorboards separated by brass feature

Chevron parquetry feature down the hallway, continued to the deck and also in the ensuite bathroom

Chevron parquetry feature down the hallway, continued to the deck and also in the ensuite bathroom

A ‘feature’ Artwork this one by local Mumma Prudence Demarchi



Feature tiles in the bathroom or the kitchen and unique fittings

Karstan and local artist friend Mitch Revs with the right shade of white on the walls

Karstan and local artist friend Mitch Revs with the right shade of white on the walls


A lot of people go wrong when they’re painting!

Lexicon half is good for the walls, Vivid white works well on skirting boards  

Don’t paint fluorescent white on your walls it will give you a sterile environment 


Go to Bunnings and ask are there any red tones in the grey paint? because even 

though it looks ok there it may turn out purple or lavender or blue 

Maxine and Karstan offset their ultra modern black kitchen with a recycled timber island bench

Maxine and Karstan offset their ultra modern black kitchen with a recycled timber island bench

Karstan says “drive around your local area find a house you like the look of and knock on the door and ask what paint they used” 


Temple and Webster 

White Boheamian 

Places Maxine Frequents to deck out the house

Hansgroghe Tapware

Catapult Design Furniture (Australian made)

Recycled Timber Factory Vanities (local)

Artwork Prudence Demarchi (local)

Smeg Appliances from Winnings (local)

Eadie Lifestyle - soft furnishings (local)

Pangaea Concrete Flooring

Pop and Scott


EARP Brothers  

EVEN CUTER KIDS! By Stockland Greenhills Stylist Kirstyn Chapman

Let’s be honest, shopping for our littles is way more fun these days than trying to figure out what size we even wear anymore and facing the grim reaper that is the change room mirror! If putting your energy into making your kids represent in the fashion stakes seems like a more worthy cause, here is what you need to know in 2019 to send your kids to the top of the style class! You won’t need a full tank of petrol, a road map and 30 episodes of Peppa Pig on the Ipad to hit the brief either, everything you need can be found under one roof at Stockland Greenhills.


SPOTS & STRIPES – Old faves get new love with a bit of French influence this Autumn/Winter! Your little Parisian will want to be seen in the colours du jour: Red, Navy, Black And White. Check out Country Road at David Jones & Seed. J’Adore!

Country Road

Country Road

Country Road

Country Road

SAFARI – Leopard is THE print of the season. You won’t need your binoculars to spot this trend as it finds its natural environment on racks everywhere from David Jones to H & M and Seed. Teamed with neutrals it’s a little less ‘Rockstar’ and a bit more ‘Urban Safari’ this time around!





PREPPY – The kid might not have even made it through grade school yet but their style this season is straight out of college. Think cardigans, puffer vests, logo tees, baseball caps and lots of navy and grey. Rookie by Academy Brand at David Jones nails the trend with boys wear that is unique and sophisticated with quality to withstand the rugby field.

Rookie at David Jones

Rookie at David Jones

Country Road at David Jones

Country Road at David Jones

BOTANICA - An abundance of flora and fauna themed prints will swathe our bundles of joy for the rest of the year. If it can be found in nature it will be found on anoraks, tees and leggings in beautiful and intricate patterns that will make even Grandma’s wallpaper look boring. Visit Best & Less, Target and don’t miss Marlo at David Jones for stunning special occasion dresses.

Marlo at David Jones

Marlo at David Jones



Best and Less

Best and Less

GLAM – For the little Pop Princess there is still plenty of glitter and glam to be found in coming seasons. Luxe black glitter satchels from Country Road at DJ’s, Metallic Bombers from Peter Alexander and velour twin Sets at H & M will ensure she makes an impression as big as her personality.





Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander

NEXT LEVEL DENIM – Boys and Girls are getting a denim upgrade this year with new styles, colours and fabrics to play with. Look out for ruffles, fringing and embroidery for the gals as well as overall styles in every shape and size, athletic stripes, chambray details and new lengths for the lads. Just Jeans have the big kids covered while Target, Indie Kids @ DJ’s and Seed have something for everyone else.

H & M

H & M



Indie Kids

Indie Kids

EL RANCHO – Desert tones reign supreme with rust, mustard and greens setting the scene for a backdrop of cactus, fox and Navajo inspired prints. Peter Alexander kids play range is your vista on the horizon for fun play attire and Ghanda always provides the goods for the earthy babe.



Best and Less

Best and Less

Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander




Twinning with Mum & Dad is a huge trend in kids wear right now, spurred on by the rise of ‘Mummy & Me’ bloggers and Instagrammers who find their fame styling their mini’s to match. If copycat style is your thing check out H & M’s fun “family collection” where you can dress the whole fam on trend – all the key season looks are covered with leopard, preppy and stripes all available in men’s, women’s and kids! Seed’s teen and girl ranges also compliment their womenswear beautifully with each new drop ensuring you two (or three or four!) will wow while youyou’re your babycino and double shot mugacinos.

Mini Me Style.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram @justy_olive


Keeping our kids stylish is a tricky game with them outgrowing, undressing and messing up our efforts quicker than we can say PayPass please. Remembering a few tips and tricks will ensure you get a little more bang for your buck!

*Buy clothes in larger sizes at the clearance sales – now is a fab time to shop for Summer next year!
*Quality over quantity – spend more on one great coat/jacket in a neutral tone which will match lots of outfits over the season rather than grabbing cheaper versions in less versatile colours (as tempting as that bright Fuschia number with the purple buttons may be to your little buddy).
*Take advantage of the fabulous options on offer at purse-friendly prices at retailers such as Best & Less, Big W and Target for everyday wear. Basics such as tee’s and leggings will be worn through and get stained the quickest so best to save the heartbreak and only spend a little on these items. Save the $$ for hardy denim and quality knitwear that wash well.
*Validate bigger ticket purchases by thinking of their re-sale value. If that gorgeous Seed dress is not going to be passed on to a grateful little sister or cousin, brands such as Seed and Country Road are popular in online buying/selling communities and could earn you back some coin to put towards their next dress!
*Read the tags! Avoid “Dry Clean Only” items or anything that is going to see you spending extra time in the laundry that could have been on the couch watching Married At First Sight.
*Comfort is priority Numero Uno! Kids don’t have the same tolerance we do for “Beauty is Pain”. If it’s too fussy or not conducive to running/climbing/slipping/sliding it’s only going to end in tears – for them, you and your bank account.
*Style is an important part of expressing yourself and telling the world who we are! Encourage your kids to enjoy this process and get involved in styling themselves. Find out what they love and why! You might learn a little more about your budding fashionista and their personality along the way. Make it easier for yourself though by providing a few options to choose between rather than giving free reign over the shop.

Kirstyn Chapman is available for Personal Style Consultations at Stockland Greenhills. To book, please call 02 49 332 799 or email greenhillscm@stockland.com.au


Smiles, laughter and squeals of excitement filled the showground as Regional Australia Bank The Show – Newcastle and Hunter delivered three thrilling days. Babies to grandparents filed through the gates to discover something new as part of the community event where agriculture meets artisan and carnival.


NHM Mumma’s flocked to the show in record numbers with kids and bubs in tow.

President Peter Evans said it was a fabulous weekend with packed grandstands, people four to five deep around the centre ring and line-ups for rides, showbags and food.


Mr Evans said the most popular centre-ring events were the rodeo, monster trucks and fireworks.

And the animal nursery was also a great hit with kids of all ages patting and feeding the baby critters. Its popularity saw organisers needing to build another five-tap washstand to ensure hands were clean as they left.

“We have not seen numbers like this at The Show, since the 1980s. It is fantastic to see the families arriving in droves and the kids so excited.”

“The community has spoken – it wants to keep The Show and the showground. We intend to answer the call by further developing it into a community space for 365 days that includes our annual show.”


At this year’s event new competitions honey and LEGO also attracted a lot of attention from entrants and the public. There were more than 30 honey entries and 160 LEGO lovers, aged from two to 56 years, built amazing displays. On the more traditional side there were more than 130 horse entrants, with some using The Show to prepare for Sydney Royal Easter Show. This was the same story for the tent pegging and woodchop competitors.


General manager Gabe Robinson said it was a glorious representation of Newcastle & Hunter getting behind the region’s biggest show and helping to rebuild it.

Mr Robinson said The Show was a community event for the community by the community. . “This year is a sample of what is to come as together we rebuild the iconic event to showcase the region’s agriculture, horticulture and industry from 2020 onwards. Watch this space and keep an eye out for our giant box – to see what is next!”


EVEN CUTER KIDS! with Jules Sebastian and Kirstyn Chapman from Stockland Greenhills

Jules is Mumma to Hudson and Archer

Jules is Mumma to Hudson and Archer

Join one of Australia's most well known and loved Stylists Jules Sebastian for a chat about mum life and kids fashion. Jules contemplates, can you have it all as a mum and a career woman? How she’s managed to shape her career around her family life and how does she style her boys?

Kristyn Chapman Head Stylist from Stockland Greenhills talks what are investment pieces that you should consider buying and what are stand out brands to choose from. What's on trend and what to stay away from? What do you do if your kids are into glitter and Disney and should you ever consider mummy and me dressing? How about kid’s footwear and what trends are we seeing for boys that are really cute.

Win a Stockland Greenhills gift card for you to shop with and check out all the styles we've talked about here with Jules and Kristyn Chapman the head Stylist at Stockland Greenhills. To go into the draw to win the gift card check out our WIN page.


Amy Clarke founder of brand Confetti Rebels

Amy Clarke founder of brand Confetti Rebels

Ever thought you might like to delve into a side hustle? What's it really like day to day running your own business? How do you do it surrounded by children screaming in your ear? As a Mumma with limited time what do you prioritise and which things can you leave for a while or just leave out all together? Also some brilliant tips on collaborating with other brands and how to rock your instagram. This week's guest is Amy Clarke mum of two little ones and star of the Confetti Rebel brand.

Bonjour! How to Open Your Child Up to A Whole New World


Studies that have shown that teaching kids a second language young is really beneficial. I’ve always envied my friends that grew up bilingual and can just switch form English to Italian or Thai or French at the drop of a hat! 

It’s commonplace in Europe for kids to learn at upto three languages throughout their schooling years and be fluent in each. A friend of mine from Switzerland used to switch between Italian, French and English as well as his native tongue of German rather easily with the odd slip up here and there. Travelling with Europeans always made me feel rather inferior. A second language allows you to immerse yourself in another culture more easily and they’re always a little more sympathetic to your plight as an out of towner if you give the local tongue a go.

The Little Unicorn is teaching tots French with ELLA

The Little Unicorn is teaching tots French with ELLA

Studies have also shown that learning a language early actually grows kid’s brains and boosts their performance in other aspects of their learning. It also enhances their ability in their native tongue and has been shown to boost levels of empathy in children and develop cross-cultural understanding.

Our Sponsor The Little Unicorn Early Education Centres are excited to be participating in the ELLA (Early Learning Languages Australia) program!

Their children have been thrilled to commence learning French as part of this program. 

The ELLA program is a fun, digital, play-based language learning program for children in preschool.

When children are at home the ELLA Family App provides information and support for parents and guardians of children who are participating in ELLA French language as part of their preschool program so you can help them with their learning journey too. 


How to Create Calm Kids with Dr Rickie Elliot - Emotion regulation, anxiety, resilience for your children and teenagers

By Dr Rickie Elliot


Are your kids or teenagers having meltdowns? Do you feel overwhelmed by it sometimes and wonder how best to respond when they're in this state? We all want our children to be confident, resilient and thrive. Dr Rickie Elliott from The Hummingbird Centre guides us through how to react during turbulent times and how to be balanced emotional role models for our kids.

Dr Rickie from The Hummingbird Centre, Broadmeadow, Redhead and Warners Bay

Dr Rickie from The Hummingbird Centre, Broadmeadow, Redhead and Warners Bay

How do you decipher the complex difference between needing to support your child emotionally versus needing to set a limit or boundary on their behaviours? How do you parent on the same page as your partner when you have been raised quite differently? How do you communicate and connect with your teenage? Learn all this and more in this Podcast and in more detail at the upcoming Calm Kids workshop. Dr Rickie will discuss the most common emotional and behavioural concerns for kids and teens and how to support them. Also what to do if you do lose it from time to time and how to cope with the dreaded mother/parent guilt. As a mother of three Rickie promotes a non-judgmental, supportive parenting environment in her talks where all questions and comments are welcome and encouraged.

Hummingbird email logo.png

The Hummingbird Centre is a local Psychology and Allied Health Practice that supports people across the lifespan achieve their goals. We have three practice locations in Broadmeadow, Redhead and Warners Bay. Our team of passionate, friendly and knowledgeable clinicians are here to support your family’s needs across a multitude of areas.

Please visit the website and our facebook page for more information or to WIN tickets to .the Calm Kids event

Listen to the show below

One day when we're not there anymore


I’ve always loved life but when my children were born my appreciation of it went to the next level. Seeing everything through their eyes is so special; walking for the first time, the first lick of an ice cream, the way they marvel at the moon and the stars, the wonderment in their eyes on Christmas morning and the way they hug and look at you, like you’re their universe. Then one day I stopped to think about this and thought “Hold on I am their universe. What would happen if all of a sudden I wasn’t there anymore?”

The thought of passing away is so harrowing but the thought of leaving my children on the planet without me is worse. It’s for that reason that my partner and I have decided to take steps to make a Will.

In the below NHM-I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA show we chat to Liam from Baker Love Lawyers about planning and penning a Will to look after your family. The things you need to take into consideration and the steps involved in making it happen. NHM and Baker Love are also giving a family the opportunity to create a Will, Power of Attorney and Appointment of Enduring Guardian documents for a couple at no charge.

More than $110 Million in Medicare Rebates Waiting to be Claimed


Are you at the Dr every other day with your kids like us? Are you claiming your money back from Medicare? It’s claimed that $110 million worth of Medicare rebates are waiting to be claimed by Australian families. 

The main reason is that unto 670,000 patients have not providing their bank details to Doctors. Medicare is trying to reach these people by mail. 

We suggest you download the Medicare App onto your phone and make sure all your details are up to date. 

Mums Score Thousands off their Groceries Bills


Do you online shop like me? If you were online on Tuesday night you might have noticed some great specials! like grass-fed beef steak for just $3.30 per kilo, $2 Manuka honey, Ben & Jerry's ice cream for $1, 10-pack Energizer batteries for $1, baby formula for just $2.50 and coffee machines for $3.80.

It was an online error and shoppers as a consequence saved thousands of dollars on their bills as Coles honoured as many orders as possible before it ran out of stock. We wonder if someone got fired? I wouldn’t mind a few cans of formula for $2.50!

Working Mums Are More Stressed than Other Employees


Do you often feel overstressed to the point of forgetting to breathe? Its no wonder new university research has shown working mums 18 per cent more stressed than other employees and it makes no difference whether you work from home or not!

Manchester University Researchers and the Institute for Social and Economic Research at Essex University in the UK examined at 11 indicators of chronic stress, including blood pressure and hormones, in 6025 women and found that working mothers of two children record 40 per cent higher levels on those stress indicators than their co-workers.

I’m pretty sure it’ because from the moment we wake up the multiple lists of things to do for our kids and work just overwhelm us. Lots of employers are flexible and allow women to work from home but then you have increased stress and anxiety I feel because your kids are demanding your attention and you have a growing list of tasks for work that you think how on earth am I going to get this done? When you finally do get work done you think, wow, how did that happen, it’s like some sort of miracle.

I think that’s why we need to schedule time in our calendar even one hour every few days for a run or swim or yoga or some me time away from work and the kids. Without it life gets very hard I feel and the ‘to do’ lists in your brain take over.

NHM Mummas Kick Up A Stink

Mayor Kay Fraser and Lake Macquarie Council recently implemented a new waste system that has many residents up in arms. We discussed the council’s opinions on the success of the new service.

Bec : ‘How successful do you feel that the new waste service has been in Lake Macquarie?’ Mayor : ‘Most of the community has embraced it. The same amount of waste is being collected.’

Sarge : ‘The nappy thing is a big problem for me. Luckily I’m able to take my excess rubbish to my parent’s house, but a lot of people don’t have that op on. To get a bigger bin will cost more and some families just don’t have that money. Are you going to look at fixing that in some way? $380 a year is a lot for families to find.’ Mayor : ‘That’s what we’re discussing. You can apply for a dona on with Council as well if you have medical needs.’

Listen to the rest here

Camping... way to put a dampener on a weekend!

So we’ve practically been in another drought in Newcastle for the last month or so, with January having been the hottest ever on record. What better time to pile the kids and a tent in the car and head an hour north right? WRONG! I’m not a wonderful camper at the best of times. I mean I love caravan parks and all the fun they provide kids (and us) but a tent in the pouring rain was just no fun.

Yesterday afternoon we raced around collecting kids from school, excitedly packed the car and drove north to Hallidays Point. Luckily family was up there on hand to help set up. As I finished making the last bed in our extra large tent I heard one of the kids racing back saying, ‘it’s raining!’ And boy did it rain, for around three hours non stop. And boy did the tent start to flood, from the ground up even! Trying to get the kids to bed and realising that they potentially could float away, wasn’t really the idea of fun at that point.

Anyway, the rain has stopped, our moods have lifted and Chris is super keen to stay… so bring on the afternoon champagne and I may consider trying another night!


When SEX becomes a thing on your 'to do' list


So Valentines Day is not far away and I recall now through my foggy mum mind a chat I had with a girlfriend one time where she said ‘Oh yes with two young kids my husband and I have to put date night and ‘sex’ into our calendars’. How utterly ridiculous I thought but I was childless at that stage. Now I’ve decided GREAT IDEA. I’m no planner and I think that needs to end this year. After several years of no date nights ever, the closest my partner and I were getting to adult fun (I don’t me in a rude way) was putting the music channel on Foxtel and having a wine on a Friday night and dancing with the kids but I feel like that’s not enough to keep the spark alive so we’re trying.

A few ‘date nights’ here and there on the calendar and wacko we’re remembering each other again. So as unromantic as it may seem maybe SEX is something more we need to add to our to do list and by that I mean just a night out. You’ll probably be too tired to get hot and heavy at the end of it, or not, no judgement but it may be time to add our partners to our TO DO lists along with the seventy thousand other chores.

Who feels like their brain is exploding right now? Maybe a night at a low rent pub staring into a wine and just de-briefing how crazy life is with work and kids is just what the Dr ordered. I don’t buy btw men who say they don’t get into Valentines Day because it’s commercial. If you buy me flowers every other day of the year fine don’t worry about it but if you never do, that’s the one day I want them like every other girl.

Mel xx

We're too busy for you to bring your child in for a visit


I overheard a friend concerned the other day saying she was going back to work and wanted to take her child into daycare a few days a week beforehand together so he could get used to the idea. I thought brilliant, great idea, she was met with ‘we don’t really have time for that this week’. I was pretty shocked by this, it would have lessened the stress on the mum and the bub and I knew Amy from The Little Unicorn actually recommended doing that in an early education podcast special we did which you can listen to the show below.

Here is a list Amy from The Little Unicorn has compiled for our mums to work out if they think the care they have chosen for their child feels right:

  • Are the educators engaging in meaningful interactions with the children? If my child was interacting with these educators, would I be happy with how they engage in discussions and play based on what I observed?

  • Have I heard the service’s name in the local community? This demonstrates strong relationships with local businesses and satisfaction with the education and care.

  • Would the service’s orientation process allow my family to feel welcomed and secure?

  • How did I feel about the atmosphere? How will my child respond to the “feel” of the learning environment?

  • Did the educators discuss how they plan to guide the learning and development of my child? If so, do I feel like they will cater to the unique needs of my child?

  • Does the centre promote inclusion? Do I feel that my family’s culture and values would be respected at this service?

  • What condition were the educational resources in? Did they seem developmentally enriching?

  • Would I be required to pack lunch for my child or are meals provided based on dietary requirements and the nutritional needs of the children?

  • Did the fees for my child’s time at the service seem affordable? Did the service seem to be flexible with their payment plans to fit in with my family’s current situation?

Choosing a childcare centre with educators who are committed to individual development and work to encourage emotional and intellectual growth can make a great difference in your child’s school-readiness.

Healthy Kid's Smiles


I don’t know about you but I have had nightmares over my daughter’s unwillingness to cooperate as far as brushing her teeth is concerned but I feel a whole lot better after a chat with The Good Dentist Gareth McBride. In the show below Gareth explains ways to help encourage your kids to have healthy tooth brushing habits from an early age.

Also some pitfalls you can fall into diet wise. When to worry and when not to worry about them getting their second teeth and some of the most common problems that can occur in adults and kids. PLUS you can WIN a family check up at The Good Dentist and one lucky Mumma will win a teeth clean, listen to the show below or find out more here.

Back to School!


As we approach the Australia Day long weekend I’m looking forward to a relaxing and fun weekend with my kids because on Tuesday they head back to school! I’ll miss them but in truth I won’t miss the fighting, bickering and screaming at each other! This year I’m returning to work full time so have spent the last week trying to prep everything so we are incredibly organised for school. This is the hope anyway! So far I have crazily cleaned out each of their rooms so we can find things quicker and this includes their clothes. Everything has been washed, ironed and labelled all ready for Tuesday. I’ve made up a cabinet in the garage for each bag to go straight out of the car, each hat to be hung and each pair of shoes to sit on. The hope behind this is that in the morning we aren’t madly racing around looking for things. Next up is my study so that I can happily sit at night and work in an organised environment.

What have you done to prepare for next week?


Bec and little William

Bec and little William

Bec is one of the most beautiful people you’d ever be likely to meet, inside and out but over a year ago through no fault of her own her marriage had to end. She is the sort of person that would go over and above for anyone, there was this one time when she was on her death bed and still managed to bake my daughter the most beautiful birthday cake you’ve ever seen and she is a support to so many friends so it’s been hard to watch the cards life dealt her in that regard.

We were all really wrapt for Bec when a partner entered her life and treated her with the respect she deserved. He loved her the way we know she deserved to be loved and cared for her children like they were his own.

This is a show dedicated to introducing a new partner into your children’s lives. Key factors to look out for that indicate your kids are coping well or maybe not so. We tackle the question of, how do you integrate children under the one roof that have been raised with completely different parenting styles? How do you survive as a new couple and thrive together instead of allowing the children to pull you sideways and apart? Bec's raw account of what it's like to blend a family is engaging and relevant and Dr Rickie Elliott from The Hummingbird Centre ‘s professional opinion is golden. Listen below.