How to Create Calm Kids with Dr Rickie Elliot - Emotion regulation, anxiety, resilience for your children and teenagers

By Dr Rickie Elliot


Are your kids or teenagers having meltdowns? Do you feel overwhelmed by it sometimes and wonder how best to respond when they're in this state? We all want our children to be confident, resilient and thrive. Dr Rickie Elliott from The Hummingbird Centre guides us through how to react during turbulent times and how to be balanced emotional role models for our kids.

Dr Rickie from The Hummingbird Centre, Broadmeadow, Redhead and Warners Bay

Dr Rickie from The Hummingbird Centre, Broadmeadow, Redhead and Warners Bay

How do you decipher the complex difference between needing to support your child emotionally versus needing to set a limit or boundary on their behaviours? How do you parent on the same page as your partner when you have been raised quite differently? How do you communicate and connect with your teenage? Learn all this and more in this Podcast and in more detail at the upcoming Calm Kids workshop. Dr Rickie will discuss the most common emotional and behavioural concerns for kids and teens and how to support them. Also what to do if you do lose it from time to time and how to cope with the dreaded mother/parent guilt. As a mother of three Rickie promotes a non-judgmental, supportive parenting environment in her talks where all questions and comments are welcome and encouraged.

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