One day when we're not there anymore


I’ve always loved life but when my children were born my appreciation of it went to the next level. Seeing everything through their eyes is so special; walking for the first time, the first lick of an ice cream, the way they marvel at the moon and the stars, the wonderment in their eyes on Christmas morning and the way they hug and look at you, like you’re their universe. Then one day I stopped to think about this and thought “Hold on I am their universe. What would happen if all of a sudden I wasn’t there anymore?”

The thought of passing away is so harrowing but the thought of leaving my children on the planet without me is worse. It’s for that reason that my partner and I have decided to take steps to make a Will.

In the below NHM-I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA show we chat to Liam from Baker Love Lawyers about planning and penning a Will to look after your family. The things you need to take into consideration and the steps involved in making it happen. NHM and Baker Love are also giving a family the opportunity to create a Will, Power of Attorney and Appointment of Enduring Guardian documents for a couple at no charge.