One day when we're not there anymore


I’ve always loved life but when my children were born my appreciation of it went to the next level. Seeing everything through their eyes is so special; walking for the first time, the first lick of an ice cream, the way they marvel at the moon and the stars, the wonderment in their eyes on Christmas morning and the way they hug and look at you, like you’re their universe. Then one day I stopped to think about this and thought “Hold on I am their universe. What would happen if all of a sudden I wasn’t there anymore?”

The thought of passing away is so harrowing but the thought of leaving my children on the planet without me is worse. It’s for that reason that my partner and I have decided to take steps to make a Will.

In the below NHM-I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA show we chat to Liam from Baker Love Lawyers about planning and penning a Will to look after your family. The things you need to take into consideration and the steps involved in making it happen. NHM and Baker Love are also giving a family the opportunity to create a Will, Power of Attorney and Appointment of Enduring Guardian documents for a couple at no charge.

More than $110 Million in Medicare Rebates Waiting to be Claimed


Are you at the Dr every other day with your kids like us? Are you claiming your money back from Medicare? It’s claimed that $110 million worth of Medicare rebates are waiting to be claimed by Australian families. 

The main reason is that unto 670,000 patients have not providing their bank details to Doctors. Medicare is trying to reach these people by mail. 

We suggest you download the Medicare App onto your phone and make sure all your details are up to date. 

Mums Score Thousands off their Groceries Bills


Do you online shop like me? If you were online on Tuesday night you might have noticed some great specials! like grass-fed beef steak for just $3.30 per kilo, $2 Manuka honey, Ben & Jerry's ice cream for $1, 10-pack Energizer batteries for $1, baby formula for just $2.50 and coffee machines for $3.80.

It was an online error and shoppers as a consequence saved thousands of dollars on their bills as Coles honoured as many orders as possible before it ran out of stock. We wonder if someone got fired? I wouldn’t mind a few cans of formula for $2.50!

Working Mums Are More Stressed than Other Employees


Do you often feel overstressed to the point of forgetting to breathe? Its no wonder new university research has shown working mums 18 per cent more stressed than other employees and it makes no difference whether you work from home or not!

Manchester University Researchers and the Institute for Social and Economic Research at Essex University in the UK examined at 11 indicators of chronic stress, including blood pressure and hormones, in 6025 women and found that working mothers of two children record 40 per cent higher levels on those stress indicators than their co-workers.

I’m pretty sure it’ because from the moment we wake up the multiple lists of things to do for our kids and work just overwhelm us. Lots of employers are flexible and allow women to work from home but then you have increased stress and anxiety I feel because your kids are demanding your attention and you have a growing list of tasks for work that you think how on earth am I going to get this done? When you finally do get work done you think, wow, how did that happen, it’s like some sort of miracle.

I think that’s why we need to schedule time in our calendar even one hour every few days for a run or swim or yoga or some me time away from work and the kids. Without it life gets very hard I feel and the ‘to do’ lists in your brain take over.

NHM Mummas Kick Up A Stink

Mayor Kay Fraser and Lake Macquarie Council recently implemented a new waste system that has many residents up in arms. We discussed the council’s opinions on the success of the new service.

Bec : ‘How successful do you feel that the new waste service has been in Lake Macquarie?’ Mayor : ‘Most of the community has embraced it. The same amount of waste is being collected.’

Sarge : ‘The nappy thing is a big problem for me. Luckily I’m able to take my excess rubbish to my parent’s house, but a lot of people don’t have that op on. To get a bigger bin will cost more and some families just don’t have that money. Are you going to look at fixing that in some way? $380 a year is a lot for families to find.’ Mayor : ‘That’s what we’re discussing. You can apply for a dona on with Council as well if you have medical needs.’

Listen to the rest here

Camping... way to put a dampener on a weekend!

So we’ve practically been in another drought in Newcastle for the last month or so, with January having been the hottest ever on record. What better time to pile the kids and a tent in the car and head an hour north right? WRONG! I’m not a wonderful camper at the best of times. I mean I love caravan parks and all the fun they provide kids (and us) but a tent in the pouring rain was just no fun.

Yesterday afternoon we raced around collecting kids from school, excitedly packed the car and drove north to Hallidays Point. Luckily family was up there on hand to help set up. As I finished making the last bed in our extra large tent I heard one of the kids racing back saying, ‘it’s raining!’ And boy did it rain, for around three hours non stop. And boy did the tent start to flood, from the ground up even! Trying to get the kids to bed and realising that they potentially could float away, wasn’t really the idea of fun at that point.

Anyway, the rain has stopped, our moods have lifted and Chris is super keen to stay… so bring on the afternoon champagne and I may consider trying another night!


When SEX becomes a thing on your 'to do' list


So Valentines Day is not far away and I recall now through my foggy mum mind a chat I had with a girlfriend one time where she said ‘Oh yes with two young kids my husband and I have to put date night and ‘sex’ into our calendars’. How utterly ridiculous I thought but I was childless at that stage. Now I’ve decided GREAT IDEA. I’m no planner and I think that needs to end this year. After several years of no date nights ever, the closest my partner and I were getting to adult fun (I don’t me in a rude way) was putting the music channel on Foxtel and having a wine on a Friday night and dancing with the kids but I feel like that’s not enough to keep the spark alive so we’re trying.

A few ‘date nights’ here and there on the calendar and wacko we’re remembering each other again. So as unromantic as it may seem maybe SEX is something more we need to add to our to do list and by that I mean just a night out. You’ll probably be too tired to get hot and heavy at the end of it, or not, no judgement but it may be time to add our partners to our TO DO lists along with the seventy thousand other chores.

Who feels like their brain is exploding right now? Maybe a night at a low rent pub staring into a wine and just de-briefing how crazy life is with work and kids is just what the Dr ordered. I don’t buy btw men who say they don’t get into Valentines Day because it’s commercial. If you buy me flowers every other day of the year fine don’t worry about it but if you never do, that’s the one day I want them like every other girl.

Mel xx

We're too busy for you to bring your child in for a visit


I overheard a friend concerned the other day saying she was going back to work and wanted to take her child into daycare a few days a week beforehand together so he could get used to the idea. I thought brilliant, great idea, she was met with ‘we don’t really have time for that this week’. I was pretty shocked by this, it would have lessened the stress on the mum and the bub and I knew Amy from The Little Unicorn actually recommended doing that in an early education podcast special we did which you can listen to the show below.

Here is a list Amy from The Little Unicorn has compiled for our mums to work out if they think the care they have chosen for their child feels right:

  • Are the educators engaging in meaningful interactions with the children? If my child was interacting with these educators, would I be happy with how they engage in discussions and play based on what I observed?

  • Have I heard the service’s name in the local community? This demonstrates strong relationships with local businesses and satisfaction with the education and care.

  • Would the service’s orientation process allow my family to feel welcomed and secure?

  • How did I feel about the atmosphere? How will my child respond to the “feel” of the learning environment?

  • Did the educators discuss how they plan to guide the learning and development of my child? If so, do I feel like they will cater to the unique needs of my child?

  • Does the centre promote inclusion? Do I feel that my family’s culture and values would be respected at this service?

  • What condition were the educational resources in? Did they seem developmentally enriching?

  • Would I be required to pack lunch for my child or are meals provided based on dietary requirements and the nutritional needs of the children?

  • Did the fees for my child’s time at the service seem affordable? Did the service seem to be flexible with their payment plans to fit in with my family’s current situation?

Choosing a childcare centre with educators who are committed to individual development and work to encourage emotional and intellectual growth can make a great difference in your child’s school-readiness.

Healthy Kid's Smiles


I don’t know about you but I have had nightmares over my daughter’s unwillingness to cooperate as far as brushing her teeth is concerned but I feel a whole lot better after a chat with The Good Dentist Gareth McBride. In the show below Gareth explains ways to help encourage your kids to have healthy tooth brushing habits from an early age.

Also some pitfalls you can fall into diet wise. When to worry and when not to worry about them getting their second teeth and some of the most common problems that can occur in adults and kids. PLUS you can WIN a family check up at The Good Dentist and one lucky Mumma will win a teeth clean, listen to the show below or find out more here.

Back to School!


As we approach the Australia Day long weekend I’m looking forward to a relaxing and fun weekend with my kids because on Tuesday they head back to school! I’ll miss them but in truth I won’t miss the fighting, bickering and screaming at each other! This year I’m returning to work full time so have spent the last week trying to prep everything so we are incredibly organised for school. This is the hope anyway! So far I have crazily cleaned out each of their rooms so we can find things quicker and this includes their clothes. Everything has been washed, ironed and labelled all ready for Tuesday. I’ve made up a cabinet in the garage for each bag to go straight out of the car, each hat to be hung and each pair of shoes to sit on. The hope behind this is that in the morning we aren’t madly racing around looking for things. Next up is my study so that I can happily sit at night and work in an organised environment.

What have you done to prepare for next week?


Bec and little William

Bec and little William

Bec is one of the most beautiful people you’d ever be likely to meet, inside and out but over a year ago through no fault of her own her marriage had to end. She is the sort of person that would go over and above for anyone, there was this one time when she was on her death bed and still managed to bake my daughter the most beautiful birthday cake you’ve ever seen and she is a support to so many friends so it’s been hard to watch the cards life dealt her in that regard.

We were all really wrapt for Bec when a partner entered her life and treated her with the respect she deserved. He loved her the way we know she deserved to be loved and cared for her children like they were his own.

This is a show dedicated to introducing a new partner into your children’s lives. Key factors to look out for that indicate your kids are coping well or maybe not so. We tackle the question of, how do you integrate children under the one roof that have been raised with completely different parenting styles? How do you survive as a new couple and thrive together instead of allowing the children to pull you sideways and apart? Bec's raw account of what it's like to blend a family is engaging and relevant and Dr Rickie Elliott from The Hummingbird Centre ‘s professional opinion is golden. Listen below.


Frozen 2 is coming and we’re getting ready to watch it 7 million times

Frozen 2 is coming and we’re getting ready to watch it 7 million times


Frozen 2 is coming are you ready to watch it 7 million times. Here’s a need to know:


Elsa had a stressful time in the first Frozen but this time she’ll be a bit less stressed and feel she can open up and have fun again. That’s all we know for now but the ending has been decided. In fact it was decided before the first film was made!

Some story ideas getting around are: a love story for Olaf, a story about how Anna and Elsa aren't really biological sisters and how this affects their relationship but no one really knows.


November 27, 2019

Having a Child Ages You By 11 Years

We can’t imagine Meghan looking a day over 25? Motherhood is set to change this according to scientists

We can’t imagine Meghan looking a day over 25? Motherhood is set to change this according to scientists

My day pretty much revolves around me saying ‘Geez I’m tired’ well it turns out yes we are more tired and in fact actually older than women our own age who don’t have children.

Turns out having kids actually changes our DNA! Researchers at George Mason University, in Virginia, examined telomeres. These protect us from ageing essentially.

Anyway, in women with kids the telomeres were 11 years crappier than they were in women without kids of the same age. The scientists also said the more kids you had the worse it got.

They also found that having kids caused more damage to women than smoking or obesity.

Motherhood is also linked to a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes.

If I’m going out I’m going out with a bang, pass me a wine and a cheeseburger!

BODY LOVE Fall in love with your body and your daughter will too

Lissome, Newcastle

Lissome, Newcastle

What do you say to yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Because your daughter will say the exact same thing to herself.

In this week’s show below we give you simple steps to help you love the body you're in and show how this love will flow on to future generations and effect how your daughter sees herself.

We’re joined by Nerida Bint the Founder of Lissome Newcastle.

Nezzy’s advice

  • Grab a chalk marker and write positive affirmations on your mirror

  • Whenever you say something negative to yourself about your body ask ‘would I say this to my daughter about her body?’ if not, don’t

  • Celebrate your body for ‘what it can do’ rather than what it looks like

Also in the episode below positive changes you can make to how you move in 2019 and positive changes you can make to your diet that are easy to implement.

Also the truth behind having wine everynight and what it means for us! If you’d like to WIN a 6 week body transformation with Lissome listen to the show below and then write a review on your Apple Podcast App or any other Podcast App.

Good luck!

The Studying Mum

Towards the end of last year, my partner and I were rushed off our feet. Our goal for 2019 was going to be to cut back on things and lighten our load. So just before the year was out, I ensured that this goal would never come to fruition and enrolled to study! I take my hats off to all the mums out there balancing work, children and adding in that extra bonus of studying. It’s only mid January and I’m struggling! We have four kids between us and so far it’s only school holidays so everyone is relatively quiet with activities, or we are all together anyway. But once school goes back and sport starts back up, there goes our weekend, and my current study time. So here’s my apology to my friends now; love you all, but see you in 2020!

Have you started up studying after becoming a mum?


Birth Order and how it affects your personality

I have always heard about birth order and seen Facebook posts where birth order has defined someone’s personality. But really, can it? Everyone is so different, I feel like this habit we have of lumping people in categories is crazy. So I thought i’d test it out on my own family, because there are a few of us! I have three kids and my partner has one, so we kind of manage to fit a kid into each category.

Firstborns in relation to my oldest son Matthew, who is 7.

They say firstborns tend to be reliable, conscientious, structured, cautious, controlling and achievers.

I’m going to have to admit this is all quite accurate for my son. He’s my leader who I definitely rely on for the vast majority of the help around the house. He is happy to have the complete control over the younger siblings but I’d have to say the conscientious part is yet to be shown at school!

Middle Child in relation to my daughter Grace, who is 4.

Middle children tend to be people-pleasers, rebellious, friendship orientated and a peacemaker.

Wow! This is Grace completely. If the last point changed to instigator instead of peacemaker this would be right on the money. My little firecracker has the kindest heart and is an absolute joy to have around but is certainly the crazy one of the family and my little wild child.

Last born in relation to my youngest William, who is 3.

The baby of the family tends to be fun-loving, uncomplicated, manipulative, outgoing, attention-seeker and self-centered.

Haha, another one pretty accurate. Apart from manipulative (come on he’s 3) and self-centered, this is my little treasure all over. William was a huge surprise for our family at the time, but he has completed me in a way I never thought possible. Fun-loving is exactly how I would describe this little bundle of happiness, who seems to just appreciate life.

Only child in relation to my partner’s little man Nash, who is 6.

Only children tend to be mature for their age, perfectionists, conscientious, diligent and leaders.

Again, apart from the last point, the characteristics are spot on. Nash is our one set to be the honours student and who although so far only in kindergarten has already smashed it in the awards department. He’s now been thrown into a crazy family with three other kids so we shall see if any of these characteristics change as the year’s progress!


Your time on Facebook

I recently discovered a new feature on Facebook which allows you to see just how long you’re spending on the addictive app. I co-admin the NHM Facebook group so I was expecting it to be quite high, but I’ve also made a conscious effort to reduce my time on the app as much as possible to spend quality time with the family when I get it. My oldest son has noticed just how much I’m not on my phone, perhaps because he has to help me find it when I continuously lose it, but I was super proud when that happened. Less time on Facebook means that I probably check my news feed once a week and I generally ‘miss out’ on a lot of my friend’s posts. But you know what, this has almost been a good thing. I find I’m making an effort to pick up the phone and CALL friends to catch up on what is happening instead of just staying abreast of everything online.

So imagine my surprise when my stats came back saying that I have spent an average of 51 minutes a day using the app in the last week! No way! Anyway, check it out guys because it tells you your breakdown of each day in the last week so you can see what your popular FB days are. Luckily for me in my quest to pull back, the weekends are my lowest. From this feature you can also edit your news feed preferences to see more photos, and posts from those you want to and here’s the best bit, you can set a daily reminder once you’ve reached the time that you’ve allocated yourself on Facebook each day. How cool is that!



Let us guess you want to carve out more family time this year but you've taken on even more responsibility in your career? This show will help you achieve all your goals this year and still have time for your family. Implement our time saving techniques to allow you to streamline your work and homelife processes and get rid of habbits that don't serve you.

Raylee Mahony from Inner Strength Coaching will give you incredible insight about how you can stay on track to achieve all your goals in 2019 too, baby steps - this will be your best year yet Mummas! If you’d like to win a 20 minute coaching session with Raylee keep an eye on our socials or check our WIN Page here.

Eleni found happiness and a healthier life by taking small steps towards her goals with raylee

Eleni found happiness and a healthier life by taking small steps towards her goals with raylee

This year is the stuff dreams are made of Mumma’s achieve all your goals and be happy listen below to find out how. You got this!

New Year's Resolutions


Hey guys!

Have you made a New Year’s resolution yet? Do you feel you need to or are you happy just plodding through like me? Regardless, here are the top ten resolutions that people have made for 2019.

  1. Diet or eat healthier

  2. Exercise more

  3. Lose Weight

  4. Save more and spend less

  5. Learn a new skill or hobby

  6. Quit smoking

  7. Read More

  8. Find another job

  9. Drink less alcohol

  10. Spend more time with family and friends

So tell me, do your new year resolutions fit into these categories or have you thought of completely different ones?


Newcastle Art Gallery want to let you know that they want your kids to come over. Far from a prissy friend who scoffs when your children enter the room. They are welcome into the Newcastle Art Gallery any time next year and particularly during these school holidays. Book in for your workshop here. All children from the ages of 5 to 12 are invited to come along and workshops are Free - $12.

Free Art Craft at Newcastle Gallery

Free Art Craft at Newcastle Gallery


Every Saturday & Sunday
10:30am to 12:30pm - 30 mins long

Cost: FREE

Art Cart engages children with the exhibitions on display through discussion and art making. Led by Gallery educators, every weekend Art Cart engages with a different work of art on display, and the event is staged in the Gallery space as close as possible to the original work. 

Art Cart grounds the child’s experience of the Gallery with tactile, hands-on experiences. Parents are encouraged to collaborate with their younger children and encourage their older children to extend the art activity with some new element of their own design. Activities can be simplified or made more complex depending on the child. Each activity takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and we ask that you arrive no later than 12:15pm to ensure there is enough time to complete your masterpiece.

Newcastle Art Gallery is a hive of activity these school holidays, no whispering necessary!

Newcastle Art Gallery is a hive of activity these school holidays, no whispering necessary!



Tour through THE ERSKINE PLEDGE: a gift to Newcastle exhibition, be inspired by the 49 new works of art on display, and create your own personalised art apron to wear in future art-making endeavours. In this fun 1hour workshop, children will get to paint their own colourful patterns and designs.

Monday 14, Tuesday 15, Wednesday 16, Thursday 17, Friday 18 Jan 2019 

Sessions: 10.30-11.30am, 12-1pm, 2-3pm

1 hour



Monday 21, Tuesday 22, Wednesday 23, Thursday 24, Friday 25 Jan 2019 
Sessions: 10.30-11.30am, 12-1pm, 2-3pm - 1 hour

Tour through OLSEN ORMANDY exhibition, learn about the artists Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, and make your own geometric necklace using paint pens, wooden beads and coloured wool.