Bonjour! How to Open Your Child Up to A Whole New World


Studies that have shown that teaching kids a second language young is really beneficial. I’ve always envied my friends that grew up bilingual and can just switch form English to Italian or Thai or French at the drop of a hat! 

It’s commonplace in Europe for kids to learn at upto three languages throughout their schooling years and be fluent in each. A friend of mine from Switzerland used to switch between Italian, French and English as well as his native tongue of German rather easily with the odd slip up here and there. Travelling with Europeans always made me feel rather inferior. A second language allows you to immerse yourself in another culture more easily and they’re always a little more sympathetic to your plight as an out of towner if you give the local tongue a go.

The Little Unicorn is teaching tots French with ELLA

The Little Unicorn is teaching tots French with ELLA

Studies have also shown that learning a language early actually grows kid’s brains and boosts their performance in other aspects of their learning. It also enhances their ability in their native tongue and has been shown to boost levels of empathy in children and develop cross-cultural understanding.

Our Sponsor The Little Unicorn Early Education Centres are excited to be participating in the ELLA (Early Learning Languages Australia) program!

Their children have been thrilled to commence learning French as part of this program. 

The ELLA program is a fun, digital, play-based language learning program for children in preschool.

When children are at home the ELLA Family App provides information and support for parents and guardians of children who are participating in ELLA French language as part of their preschool program so you can help them with their learning journey too.