NHM Mummas Kick Up A Stink

Mayor Kay Fraser and Lake Macquarie Council recently implemented a new waste system that has many residents up in arms. We discussed the council’s opinions on the success of the new service.

Bec : ‘How successful do you feel that the new waste service has been in Lake Macquarie?’ Mayor : ‘Most of the community has embraced it. The same amount of waste is being collected.’

Sarge : ‘The nappy thing is a big problem for me. Luckily I’m able to take my excess rubbish to my parent’s house, but a lot of people don’t have that op on. To get a bigger bin will cost more and some families just don’t have that money. Are you going to look at fixing that in some way? $380 a year is a lot for families to find.’ Mayor : ‘That’s what we’re discussing. You can apply for a dona on with Council as well if you have medical needs.’

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