Camping... way to put a dampener on a weekend!

So we’ve practically been in another drought in Newcastle for the last month or so, with January having been the hottest ever on record. What better time to pile the kids and a tent in the car and head an hour north right? WRONG! I’m not a wonderful camper at the best of times. I mean I love caravan parks and all the fun they provide kids (and us) but a tent in the pouring rain was just no fun.

Yesterday afternoon we raced around collecting kids from school, excitedly packed the car and drove north to Hallidays Point. Luckily family was up there on hand to help set up. As I finished making the last bed in our extra large tent I heard one of the kids racing back saying, ‘it’s raining!’ And boy did it rain, for around three hours non stop. And boy did the tent start to flood, from the ground up even! Trying to get the kids to bed and realising that they potentially could float away, wasn’t really the idea of fun at that point.

Anyway, the rain has stopped, our moods have lifted and Chris is super keen to stay… so bring on the afternoon champagne and I may consider trying another night!