When SEX becomes a thing on your 'to do' list


So Valentines Day is not far away and I recall now through my foggy mum mind a chat I had with a girlfriend one time where she said ‘Oh yes with two young kids my husband and I have to put date night and ‘sex’ into our calendars’. How utterly ridiculous I thought but I was childless at that stage. Now I’ve decided GREAT IDEA. I’m no planner and I think that needs to end this year. After several years of no date nights ever, the closest my partner and I were getting to adult fun (I don’t me in a rude way) was putting the music channel on Foxtel and having a wine on a Friday night and dancing with the kids but I feel like that’s not enough to keep the spark alive so we’re trying.

A few ‘date nights’ here and there on the calendar and wacko we’re remembering each other again. So as unromantic as it may seem maybe SEX is something more we need to add to our to do list and by that I mean just a night out. You’ll probably be too tired to get hot and heavy at the end of it, or not, no judgement but it may be time to add our partners to our TO DO lists along with the seventy thousand other chores.

Who feels like their brain is exploding right now? Maybe a night at a low rent pub staring into a wine and just de-briefing how crazy life is with work and kids is just what the Dr ordered. I don’t buy btw men who say they don’t get into Valentines Day because it’s commercial. If you buy me flowers every other day of the year fine don’t worry about it but if you never do, that’s the one day I want them like every other girl.

Mel xx