Missing the z's

Don't you think as a mum that one of the most asked questions you get is, 'do you have a good sleeper?' The issue of sleeping occupies so many of us when our kids are young, I think I pretty much became obsessed with how much each of my kids was sleeping. I remember when my oldest (now 7) was a baby. He started off beautifully, very textbook, then at around 5 months he wasn't so great, yes I know now that was the 5 month sleep regression. I absolutely freaked out and went to numerous health nurses. It was probably only around 2 months of this before he bounced back and was my perfect sleeper again, but it felt like forever. I was weighing so much pressure on myself to be the perfect mum (I thought this existed).

My next child, was and still is a brilliant sleeper. The only girl in our family, I think she tires herself out so much throughout the day that she just drops at night, never wakes up and never refuses sleep.

Fast forward another year and boy was I in for a rude shock. I thought I had motherhood nailed by now and just knew I'd have another great sleeper. Wrong! My littlest man came along and to cope I did everything deemed 'wrong'. Fed him to sleep, co-slept you name it. Its called 'managing'. Very quickly I was taught a lesson about never judging others and their methods. Motherhood is about doing the best you can.

How many is right?

The most common question I get asked is, 'how did you find the change from 2 to 3 kids?' To be honest the question throws me because in my opinion each families coping mechanisms are different. Each family has different stresses, different set ups in place to make life easier or a bit more challenging. For instance, when my littlest came along, on paper it seemed like a scary prospect, having a husband who was working away and a 3 and 1 year old already at home. However, looking back, I wasn't working, didn't have a huge amount of money stresses, had a car that was super easy to navigate a few kids, prams etc. and had my mum living downstairs from us always on hand to help out or throw a load of washing on for me.

Now, my kiddos are 7, 5 and 4 (plus my partners son who is 7) and life is manic! The kids side of things is pretty easy, I'm pretty blessed to have kids that are fantastic at entertaining themselves when they need to. But now, I'm working full time, plus my side hustle, studying and racing around between various sporting and social commitments that the kids have. Our life is crazy sometimes, I wouldn't have it any other way of course, but it's no walk in the park.

So now when I'm asked about how it is with three kids, I like to throw the question back at the person and ask about their situation. Do you have support at home or outside of the home? Are you working? Don't be as concerned about the close proximity in age that your children will be, think more about external factors instead.

And if you're pregnant, good luck! I love my children dearly, but I'm pretty pleased that my child rearing days are over!

Returning to work as a mother

Returning to work as a mother

I’ve recently taken a part time job and for so many reasons I am absolutely loving it. Working life is completely different now than before I had kids. Obviously it is, because I haven’t worked properly in an office since before I had children (7 years ago). There are the expected differences like system upgrades and new technology, different expectations placed on roles you may have been in previously.

Never leave your children unattended in a car!

Never leave your children unattended in a car!

A father left his two children unattended for an hour and 45 minutes in Houston, while he shopped. Apparently he left food, water and a movie on to keep the kids entertained. The entertainment obviously didn’t amount to much because when the father returned he found that his 6 year old daughter had become frustrated with her one year old brother, and wrapped a seatbelt around his neck and strangled him. The father tried to attempt CPR but the little boy was taken to hospital where he later died.