Missing the z's

Don't you think as a mum that one of the most asked questions you get is, 'do you have a good sleeper?' The issue of sleeping occupies so many of us when our kids are young, I think I pretty much became obsessed with how much each of my kids was sleeping. I remember when my oldest (now 7) was a baby. He started off beautifully, very textbook, then at around 5 months he wasn't so great, yes I know now that was the 5 month sleep regression. I absolutely freaked out and went to numerous health nurses. It was probably only around 2 months of this before he bounced back and was my perfect sleeper again, but it felt like forever. I was weighing so much pressure on myself to be the perfect mum (I thought this existed).

My next child, was and still is a brilliant sleeper. The only girl in our family, I think she tires herself out so much throughout the day that she just drops at night, never wakes up and never refuses sleep.

Fast forward another year and boy was I in for a rude shock. I thought I had motherhood nailed by now and just knew I'd have another great sleeper. Wrong! My littlest man came along and to cope I did everything deemed 'wrong'. Fed him to sleep, co-slept you name it. Its called 'managing'. Very quickly I was taught a lesson about never judging others and their methods. Motherhood is about doing the best you can.