Returning to work as a mother


I’ve recently taken a part time job and for so many reasons I am absolutely loving it. Working life is completely different now than before I had kids. Obviously it is, because I haven’t worked properly in an office since before I had children (7 years ago). There are the expected differences like system upgrades and new technology, different expectations placed on roles you may have been in previously. Then there are the other staff. Working with millennials is certainly very different! Although many are certainly great, there are others that can be very true to their title. I remember my old lunch breaks used to be around 10 minutes, enough to eat food and sprint back toy our desk. Nowadays, people leave at 12.01 and they’re back at 1.01.

I do believe though, that hiring mothers into your workplace is the best way to go. If you think about it, we as mothers, cram a million things into our day while keeping kids alive, so imagine what we can do at a workplace with no kids around us. Trust me, the amount of work I cram into my day would be double what I could have done when I was in my early 20s.

And here’s another difference. I so appreciate the adult time that I get. We have adult chats about adult topics, rarely about what our kids ate for breakfast. I drink my coffee slowly and yet it remains hot, I’ve never had to tip a cup yet because it’s gone cold after I’ve left it. Also I get to wear non mum clothes! Yes, I’m not wearing my active wear everyday anymore!