Teacher Gifts

With Christmas just around the corner (actually 70 days to be exact), I’ve just begun the teacher gift brainstorm. There are so many cool ideas out there. If you type ‘teacher gifts’ into google there are 426 MILLION results! Each year I have tried to do something different and tried to be really inventive but it’s getting harder and harder!

It’s particularly hard for daycares and preschools because they have multiple teachers. Personally hampers have always worked for this and been well received. They can feast as they celebrate not having to see our kids everyday for a little while!

So let’s help each other out. What have you done in the past? Or are you a teacher that has received an unforgettable gift and want to share what it was?


Here's a great reason to keep eating that chocolate!

Ok, so the study is only related to the effects of dark chocolate, but I'm not really complaining! A recent study shows that chocolate with a high level of cacao can have positive effects on stress, memory, mood and your immune system. 


So, my recommendation for us busy mums, is to grab that dark chocolate and that bottle of red because remember it can lower the risk of heart disease, and put your feet up!



Uh oh Lovedale!

Some could say this post is an attempt to ease my extreme envy at not having been to Lovedale this year, but in my defence a lot of my Facebook feed has been taken up with negative comments. The most disturbing being cases of drink spiking and wineries claiming that boutique wines can cause effects of spiking? I've been to plenty of wineries and never felt like my drinks had been spiked. 


As we had seen prior to this year's Lovedale, there were plenty of restrictions on bottle sales and this had been met with some unhappiness. This is a tricky one because as we all know there are a few that can manage to ruin things for all. 


Tell us about your Lovedale experience if you managed to go this year?