Food court woes

I read an article recently about a lady who had photographed the aftermath of a family who had been eating in a foodcourt. She was irritated by the mess that had been left. I remember a couple of weeks ago I'd been with my family eating lunch and watched a family leave a horrendous mess behind them. Another family came behind them to take their table and had to clean the mess up before they sat down. The poor Dad had sauce drip down his jeans. And boy was I horrified. You know how everyone has pet hates? Well this and parking in parents with pram carparks is one of mine. The cleaners should not be paid to clean up after people who are perfectly able to walk their trays to the bin which is less than a metre away. End rant...




Lunch at Grill'd

Another day of trying to entertain my older kids saw us at Charlestown to see Hotel Transylvania 3 (great movie) and then we went downstairs for lunch at Grill'd. Ok, so not the largest choice on the kids menu but they get a cool little pack with a drink, chips, burger and little wooden toy to build. Plus, I love places that offer colouring pens and paper. I was also able to pretend to be healthy by ordering the 'low carb' burger. Shhhh... I'm trying ok?!


Have you been to The Barn at Adamstown yet?

Now I swear this place was an old caravan that sold coffee not so long ago... well it's so far from that now! My older kids are on holidays (yes three weeks of entertaining to come) and we had some time to kill so I thought we would give the place a go. It is literally as the name says, A Barn, only with some touches of awesomeness! I mean how often do you go to a cafe these days and they offer dippy eggs on the kids menu? Plus KIDS size milkshakes. My kids were in heaven. After I wolfed down my smashed avo (I'm basically trying every smashed avo in Newcastle), we played a game of Guess Who because they have a large bookshelf with games and books for guests to play and read. 


Uh oh Lovedale!

Some could say this post is an attempt to ease my extreme envy at not having been to Lovedale this year, but in my defence a lot of my Facebook feed has been taken up with negative comments. The most disturbing being cases of drink spiking and wineries claiming that boutique wines can cause effects of spiking? I've been to plenty of wineries and never felt like my drinks had been spiked. 


As we had seen prior to this year's Lovedale, there were plenty of restrictions on bottle sales and this had been met with some unhappiness. This is a tricky one because as we all know there are a few that can manage to ruin things for all. 


Tell us about your Lovedale experience if you managed to go this year?