Mum convinced me to do playboy


You know what? I was actually the opposite. I went to a pretty fancy school and was expected to get good marks and when I got those marks I was encouraged to go to law school. Boo hoo you say and you'd be right I had a pretty charmed existence, thing is I never used that law degree other than to give my friends outdated advice (don't take legal advice from me, I hardly read the text books promise). I did it because that's what I was pretty much told to do ender Pamela Anderson, her mum's advice? She moved to LA to pursue 'modelling' and when she was offered Playboy she thought 'No', but her mum's advice 'Yes'?! She then goes on to say blah blah "Playboy was my university" Blah Blah "Hef was a real pioneer" Blah Blah  "he really empowered women" 

ANYYYYWAY my advice is careful of your advice to your kids, let them forge their own paths, as long as they're not the wrong paths of course, what? I'm contradicting myself LOL. 

NHM   x