Technology and Kids...


When I was pregnant with baby number 1, I swore I would never ever let my child watch the TV or play on an iPad or other such screen. When he was born I did actually manage to hold out for over a year, winning! That baby is now 6 and also probably the least interested in technology. Grace and William (4 and 2) on the other hand were raised completely different, I call it my 'make-do' era. Hence, the picture attached which demonstrates exactly what they're doing as I write this! We try to go out and do at least one activity or playdate a day but there is also plenty of downtime where I am trying to work or do housework and I desperately need some time out from making snacks in the kitchen, so to the screen they go! 


So what about when you go out for dinner with the kids? If you're unlucky enough to be somewhere that doesn't have a kids play area and paper and pencils just aren't cutting it, out comes my phone. Yes, I don't deny that. Sometimes saving my sanity is just a necessity!