Lest We Forget.. The Mums of War


As I sit here feeding my little baby, my heart is so full. No one can imagine a bond you feel for a child you have carried inside you for 9 months and ultimately birthed. It is so special but it is terrifying. You are so scared of anything bad happening to your tiny little human who is full of smiles now but who you are sending out into a random, unpredictable sometimes scary place. 

Every Anzac day we remember those young men who gave their lives. Today, lets also hold in our hearts the mums of Anzacs and those who have lost their children to war. Those who birthed little souls just like you and I then had to watch their precious babies go off to die often unimaginable, painful deaths. Those mums of Anzacs who then had to carry their heavy hearts daily for the rest of their existence, pining for their beautiful babies who died senseless deaths, pining for the grandkids they never got to hold and living out the rest of their lives in the awful shadow of war. 

Lest we forget, mums of the Anzacs.