The Studying Mum

Towards the end of last year, my partner and I were rushed off our feet. Our goal for 2019 was going to be to cut back on things and lighten our load. So just before the year was out, I ensured that this goal would never come to fruition and enrolled to study! I take my hats off to all the mums out there balancing work, children and adding in that extra bonus of studying. It’s only mid January and I’m struggling! We have four kids between us and so far it’s only school holidays so everyone is relatively quiet with activities, or we are all together anyway. But once school goes back and sport starts back up, there goes our weekend, and my current study time. So here’s my apology to my friends now; love you all, but see you in 2020!

Have you started up studying after becoming a mum?


The moment you realise your parents are the type of people you want to be

I guess when you're a teenager, it's almost your parents job to 'make things difficult' and your job to push their buttons. But when does this stop and is there a characteristic or memory of your parents that you feel may have helped you reach that point? 


I feel pretty lucky. My dad was my hero and always the person I admired the most. My mum was and still is my best friend. I love her raw honesty and I respect her so much as a mother. I think for me I realised her true value when I became a mother myself though. 


I recently saw a Reddit post about this exact thing. In today's violence and negativity, it was a beautiful post to read through. People were writing things that their parents had done to make them proud, like helping others. Others were embracing their parents relationships and how much they hoped to find that one day. 


So, I ask you, what have your parents done to make you want to be like them?