Mum Guilt - the biggest ailment


Mum guilt is a huge thing these days. It comes from so many different places too. Society, media, health professionals, family, friends and of course yourself. Being such a hot topic, we interviewed Em from The Jacaranda Centre to get her advice on how to deal with it. Sadly mum guilt can often become shame and this can be really dangerous, particularly to your mental health.

Have a think about your own life. Do you end up putting an excessive amount of pressure on yourself to be there for everyone? In my own life I know I definitely do. If I'm at work, I'm guilty that I'm not spending time at home with my kids that aren't at school full time yet. If I'm at home and playing with the kids, I'm guilty because I should be studying or doing housework. If I'm out seeing friends, I'm guilty because I should be using the limited time I have to be doing all of the above. The list goes on. But, if I turn all this around and actually think about things, this is how it can also go.

I'm at work - great! I'm furthering my career and bringing in money for our family

I'm spending time with the kids - I'm building memories and the kids are happy!

I'm studying - good job mum, your career prospects are looking brighter already

I'm out seeing friends - much needed me time ensures that I am looking after myself which leads to a happier mum and therefore happier family

In my opinion, life should be all about balance. And when I say balance, each day won't always be balanced of course. But try to add a little bit of each category that is relevant to you into your week. And please please please, try to be kind to yourself and stop feeling the dreaded mum guilt. If you asked your kids what they thought of you, I'm sure they would be much kinder!