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My ‘Little Unicorn’ Lilly developing a love of books from an early age

My ‘Little Unicorn’ Lilly developing a love of books from an early age

With new research out saying young children should spend no more than one hour in front of a screen per day I’m so happy to see my little Lillian developing a love of literacy early.

I remember some of the most magical times I spent with my parents was at night reading. They were super busy and hard workers like myself and my partner, always on the go but that was a time when I delighted in having their attention all to myself.

Just recently Lilly has been encouraged in her literacy journey by The Little Unicorn. It stood out as apparent, not only when I read her Story Park App updates about what the Little Unicorn’s have been up to but also at home when she runs to the bookshelf gleefully and brings them to me yelling ‘book, book’.

Each day she spends at The Little Unicorn they have been reading a different book during Story Time and families have been encouraged to share the books they enjoy at home so the children can relish reading them together.

One of their favourites is ‘Dear Zoo’, the children seem to love it because they can react to the animals in the book emulating the sounds each animal makes and repeating the names. Even as a child I can remember enjoying reading books that encouraged the participation of the reader as Mum and Dad and I would look to seek out a certain character or a reoccurring theme.

I’m so grateful to have Lilly introduced to a love of literacy early, books have been a huge part of my journey and continue to shape my life today. From Spot the Dog as a baby to the Magic Faraway Tree to Shakespeare and beyond I’ve loved every part of my literacy journey and I hope Lilly does too.

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