The Countdown to the School Holidays

The clock is ticking down to school holidays here’s what some of our NHM 

Mummas have planned. 


Beth Shannessy has said her family don’t have the means for expensive activities at the moment which is true of many but she’s mentioned that basic activities can be just as good like family walks, bike rides, painting boxes, kicking the ball around the yard, walking around Blackbutt and having a picnic. Also what about cooking in the kitchen with your kids? I know it’s a little messy but pizzas and other simple things are fun and cakes are great with mandatory spoon licking!



We have a light rail now in the city Mummas it might not go far but it’s big, shiny and red and it’s pretty fun to jump on and off so check it out. Also Teresa Brauer mentioned her family favourite is to take a train ride to Warnie’s Railway Cafe and Wyong Milk Factory. 

If you’re up for some boating fun too, honestly the ferry to Stockland isn’t a bad option and there’s a new playground there too! 



So maybe you’d like your kids to enjoy something different these school holidays try something new?

Rhubarb Jam School Holiday Workshops 


If your children have heaps of energy it’s a great idea to channel that and what better way than through one of the awesome Rhubarb Jam School Holiday Workshops.

Their workshops encourage all young people to be super CREATIVE, CONFIDENT and COLLABORATIVE in a safe, encouraging environment. Young people become strong COMMUNICATORS while WORKING AS A TEAM.

They’ve got different length workshops, during which they work towards putting on a production, with the emphasis placed on the PROCESS OF CREATING. At the end of the week, participants perform in the production they have produced!

Your children are grouped by age with a maximum of twelve per group and will experience drama, dance and singing in separate sessions throughout the duration of the workshop. They will also be involved in creation of sets and costumes!

Are you ready to ACT SING and DANCE your way through an ALADDIN themed show? We are! And we’d love you to join us at Kotara South these SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.

8-12 July. Creative Kids vouchers accepted check them out here

Family Picnic Spots 

Teresa mentioned Paterson that looks really beautiful, Debbie Dye also chatted about the Watagans perfect for bush walking and exploring. Also check out

Snowtime in the Garden 


Our kids so loved building slow men last year and ice skating as well as enjoying amazing food with the family. This year you can glide on a giant ice skating rink, slide down a mega ice toboggan and build a snowman in our man-made Snow Play Zone.

Enjoy awesome rides, which include our Super Slide, 25 metre Ferris Wheel, speedy Swing Chair and traditional Venetian Carousel. Plus, roving entertainment, hearty food and warming beverages.

This year they’re adding a Snow Cave! The walk-through snow cave will be filled with Arctic creatures and even falling “snow” several times a day.

Other Snow Fun Snow Fun 

Many Mummas have expressed a wish for their babes to see snow for the first time possibly at Barrington Tops, Canberra, Falls Creek or elsewhere.

Traffic Park 

Newcastle Traffic Park at The Newcastle Station in Newcastle where the babes can learn all about red lights, green lights and the road rules in a fun, safe environment.