How would you feel about ditching your partner’s name if they were a bad dad?

One mum has caused a conversation on Mumsnet after posting this:

"I married the wrong man"

"I'm just about to get divorced and my 1yr DD [darling daughter] has his surname," she said. She then went on to say her partner was ditching her and the kids because they were “too much hassle”. She went on to say "He has said to me he finds being a dad stressful and he wants to focus on himself,"

She said he’ll be offended and she’ll need his permission but she wants to change her child’s name so it doesn’t reflect him.

She went on to say "I know it's just semantics, but I always dreamed of having a child and I love being a mum and I don't see why I have to lose our family name connection because I married the wrong man."

One mum commented, "What is in a name?" another said  "if he says no then that's that isn't it? It won't really affect her life so don't let this upset you too much."

Other’s suggested she just wait til she finds love again,

"If you were to marry again in the future would you take your new spouse's name? Would any of the children of that marriage take your 'maiden' name or their father's name. Your dd [darling daughter] could turn out to be the only one with your 'family name connection'." .

Those for change said if he’s not in their life he doesn’t deserve to have the child carry his name. "Just tell him you’d like her to have the same surname as you and to sign here please."Another said "I would change it. Why does your name trump his? Because he cannot be bothered to be part of your family so why should he have the family name."

Maybe dropping a deadbeat dad’s name will become commonplace in the future.