PODCAST RELEASE: Education Special


Do you remember the first time you dropped your child off anywhere to go to work? Maybe you haven’t done it yet but it’s a super big deal. Who do you entrust to guide your child day to day when you’re off earning a living to pay the family mortgage? Some parents feel that Family Daycare will be more familiar for their kids and they’ll feel more comfortable with the one person but what happens if that person has an off day like we do as mums? Also signs to look for to guide you in the right direction when choosing an early childhood care and education environment. The principal question to ask is, would you feel comfortable spending an entire day in the space? If not maybe you’re asking too much of your child to do so. Also are the Educator’s engaged with the children and do the children there seem like they’re happy?

Do you have school aged children? We talk about the signs that let you know your child is ready for school. Also if they’re not, what can be done to change that or do you hold them back. Enjoy the show plus a chance for you to win a high tea for your Mumma friends at The Tea Collective on Darby Street in Newcastle and we have family passes to give away to Mega Creatures at Hunter Valley Gardens. Check out the Education Special of ‘NHM I Got It From My Mumma’ below sponsored by The Little Unicorn, Early Childhood Centres.