Katie Purssell, The Healthy Mummy, Lake Macquarie

Katie Purssell, The Healthy Mummy, Lake Macquarie

In this week’s NHM - I Got It From My Mumma Radio Show Podcast below you can win a 6 Month Subscription to Katie Purssell’s Healthy Mummy, Lake Macquarie Program! Our show is based on really basic advice that will help you on the road to getting into clothes you haven’t fitted into in a long time.

Honestly I always think I could never be a ‘meal prep’ mum because I’m not organised but when Katie shot thru these words of wisdom I thought maybe I could become one. You know how young girls dream of looking like some hot Kardashian sister? My dream is to become a slim, meal prepping mum, I feel like I’m still dreaming but it feels a little closer to my reality reading Katie’s clever tips. You can join Katie’s Healthy Mummy Support Group on Facebook here.

1. Use seasonal produce

Make your meals based on what fruits and vegetables are in season. Shop specials too and you’ll save heaps!

2. Pick the same ingredients

Pick recipes which use the same ingredients so you can buy in bulk and save money that way.

3. Shop online

If you’re on a strict budget and tend to get distracted by things in the store, shopping online is a great way to go as you can always see the total before reaching the checkout. 

4. Make a weekly meal plan

5. Cut up veggies beforehand

Cutting up and grating all your vegetables when doing bulk prep makes it so much easier to and uses even less dishes! 

6. Start small

“Make double, triple or quadruple amounts of the dinner you’re making each night and freeze it. That’s how I started. If I was making one banana bread, I’d make two, cut one up and freeze it,” says Kaitie.

7. Bulk up all mince dishes with lentils and grated vegetables

Both of these are cheap and nutritious, so you’ll fill up on good stuff!

8. Always have something in the slow cooker

9. Choose freezer-friendly meals

“I find most mince dishes, slow cooked meals and stews freeze the best. I love having meal prep ready to go, as it makes my life SO MUCH easier. Less dishes, more time with the kids and more time for me to squeeze in my Challenge exercises!”

10. Freeze leftover ingredients too

Leftover curry paste, tomato paste, pasta and liquid stock, you name it! Pop them in ice cube trays and transfer into labeled ziplock bags for the freezer to reduce wastage. 

11. Label it

Label and date all containers so you know what everything is and when it was made. Be sure to rotate as well if you are adding extras to the freezer regularly.