So, we are finding it a little hard to prevent ourselves piling on the kilos as Mums.

It used to be so easy to go to the gym whenever we liked and we had so much energy so we could do endless workouts, plus there were no treats in the house and it was easier to be disciplied with food.

Now we're time poor, energy poor and many of our diet’s consist of left over vegemite toast and left over kids pasta meals.

In this Podcast Dad of two young toddlers and inventor of the Manshake Adam McDougal NRL Star helps out with pratical diet and exercise advice and Nutritionalist Cheree Sheldon recipe writer from The Healthy Mummy has some great recipe ideas. You can also win a 6 month subscription to The Healthy Mummy. Proudly sponsored by The Little Unicorn, early childhood centres, Honeysuckle and Broadmeadow, enrolments now open.