PODCAST RELEASE What Activities to Do With Your Kids? And Women's Health

'I Got It From My Mumma' is proudly brought to you by The Little Unicorn Childhood CentresIt's so important to keep your little one active and engaged, encourage their interests and keep them water safe. Click on our show above to listen to our Podcast about kid's activities, what we do, what other parents do and how much is too much? Surely you should have some time to have some spontaneous family fun? My parents are about to move into a new house with a pool and so my partner and I have stepped up the swimming lessons, water safety is so important. Check out our Facebook to WIN a month of swimming lessons at JUMP Swim Schools Cardiff. The lessons there are so fun, the teachers are really engaged with each child and there is a real focus on water safety. Also it's not prescribed by medical professionals anymore but it's saved many women's lives and breast cancer organisations still recommend you do it so we check our breasts together with Wellness Expert and Dr Sussanah Ward and chat about women's health.