Shoplifting on the rise?


I heard on the news this afternoon that police conducted a one day shoplifting operation at Greenhills Stockland yesterday, and 7 were caught. Shoplifting is obviously not the most serious crime around but it sure does effect us all. Not only is it the loss of revenue for a shop owner but also in turn it will be us, the end consumer paying the price when that owner has to increase their costs to cover the losses. And I really feel for the shop owners. Taking precautions to try to lower the amount of thefts is costly. Retail theft costs the Australian economy more than $2 billion.


I remember when I was a teenager I was out shopping with my friend and a shopkeeper was trying to prevent a shoplifter from leaving the store with stolen goods. I ran to get a security guard and my friend helped prevent the girl from leaving the store. Have you ever witnessed a shoplifter in action?