Carey Harris

Carey Harris

Really sad news this morning for Chris and the team at the much loved Newcastle Venue The Edwards. 

Firefighters worked through the night to extinguish a fire that broke out in the kitchen of popular bar The Edwards. 

Chris from Silverchair of course owns the bar and converted it from a laundromat into a food and music venue back in 2014. 

After the fire broke out in the kitchen it escalated quickly and emergency fire crews were called at midnight. 

The area was quickly closed off to any traffic or passing foot traffic and smoke was encased the bar’s surrounds. Then the roof caved in!  

Fire and Rescue NSW Inspector Peter Nies said told 9NEWS that multiple crews were called to the scene but the fire was tough to put out due to the nature of the building saying 

“It was a difficult fire to extinguish, especially because the roof has collapsed,” Adding 

“We had a fourth alarm on this fire - which is eight stations and two aerial trucks.

“There were a lot of firefighters here, but just the nature of the building 9meant it was)really difficult to extinguish.”