How hard is it to get motivated on wet days with the children? There are plenty more in store so here's some ideas for you! Chameleon Play Cafe in Wallsend gets a great wrap as does Kotara Playgound Area at the Shopping Centre. You can also google your closest 'Playgroup' or ask the Mummas on NHM the one that's closest to you. One Mumma recommended popping on gumboots and raincoats and jumping in puddles! That's brave. Check out your local Library's 'Storytime'. If you feel like heading into town too, the Museum has a great play area too and you can grab a coffee too. Kids of Thunder Cafe in Mayfield are getting heaps of good reviews too but we haven't checked it out yet. Other ideas Unexpected Escape Rooms and Unreal VR. Otherwise you could just stay inside all day in your PJs and don't feel bad about it either!