Lilly has had the best experience for her first few weeks at the Little Unicorn Daycare Centre and I wanted to share it. I was so anxious about putting Lilly into care even if it is for a few hours a week but work and mortgage commitments have meant I can't take her everywhere and needed to find a second home for Lilly. I thought of 'Family Daycare' like all mums but was steered away because I perceive there to be less accountability than in an established Daycare Centre. From the moment of enrolment Fiona and the team at Little Unicorn were so caring and genuinely interested in caring for Lilly. I love that all the food looks amazing and it is all made on site. She's really hungry for a 6 month old and everyday I pick her up she seems super contented.

I have visited other Daycare centres with some staff that seem uninterested in their job and like they don't want to be there.  The Little Unicorn is the opposite of this the kids and everyone that works there seem to always have a smile on their faces. The children are always separated from what I can see too which I think is good because sometimes the toddlers can be a little bit rough with the babies. Well my toddler can with my baby anyway! 

The Little Unicorn also has a super low staff turnover which meant Lilly's relationships with educators wouldn't be changing all the time. The security is also really good which I think is important as kids get older and 'adventurous' and there also seem to be a good number of Educators in proportion to the children. The environment is also very clean, which is impressive considering all the little people running around. In fact I'd prefer to just stay at The Little Unicorn and never go home because my house is a little bit less clean, haha. 

From the moment I met Amy at The Little Unicorn I knew they'd be a perfect supporter for NHM and our family is super happy to be supporting them also as a happy customer.