Have you heard of Geocaching?

On the hunt for family activities to do that are a bit outdoorsy, I stumbled across Geocaching. After doing a bit of reading up on it, I've discovered this could be something that the whole family could really enjoy together and could really add some extra fun to your weekends or free time. 

Geocaching started in early 2000 and there are now over 3 million geocaches and millions of active geocachers playing. It is basically done by downloading the Geocaching app which easily navigates you to cleverly hidden containers called geocaches. This is happening all over the world!

The idea is to find a geocache, and if you take something in the container to then leave something of equal or great value, place the container back how you found it and then share your experience with the rest of the geocaching community via the app. 

We all love a good treasure hunt, especially the kids, so if you're family are already geocaching I would love to hear about it and if you're not yet, why not give it a go, I know I will be!