Kids and the dentist


I remember as a child that I was always taken to the dentist for regular check ups and mum and dad were right onto me about brushing my teeth. I've been lucky enough not to have too many dental problems. So because of this I've been extremely careful about my own kids' teeth and care. I'm known in my circle of friends to be quite strict on their diet and so they've only really ever had milk and water to drink. I also brush all their teeth and will continue to do so until they're over 8. So, imagine my surprise when I took my 6 year old to the dentist only to be told that two of his baby teeth need to be extracted because they're so bad that it would be hitting the nerve. I burst into tears in the dentist's room amidst her questions of diet and dental care. Then the following week we went back to have the teeth removed and walked out an hour later with all teeth still in tact and an appointment for surgery at Maitland Private Hospital at the end of this month. My son was so distressed AFTER having the needles that he literally refused to open his mouth and just sat and cried. Poor little man. 

Have you had experience with the dentist with children at a young age? Put me out of my misery that I'm not the only one...