How to transition your Baby to a BIG BED by NHM Mummas

My baby was always a good sleeper but transiting to a single bed has been TOUGH. Here is some advice from NHM Mummas about how to get your little bubba to transition to a big bed. 

Danee Norro We are all about star charts in our house. Buy some fun stickers so when they make small achievements they get to choose and put the sticker on. Make the chart together, We didn't think the chart would work but it really does and it still does years down the track. Kmart have books of stickers. We have things like.

Eat all dinner

Stayed in bed all night

Tidy toys

No nastiness 

Then used to have Toilet training stuff on there too.

Angela Eastham We bought a gro clock.. my son would always get out of his bed and take him forever to get to sleep... since buying gro clock he has improved

We had some issues with both of ours when transitioning. We bought a bed rail which I found really helped with making them feel secure. Then we did a reward system for nights in their big bed. It takes some time but they do get there. We also used a night light and snuggle toys

Ko Bee A super strict routine and no day sleeps its tiring however... a book , sing a song, scratch back a lay and a cuddle. Is how I started with a chat about the day. 

Take her to the shops to choose a special toy to sleep with and a night light. 

Lauren Boyton I set up the portacot, when she got up i said if you get up again you go in the baby bed, next time she got out she got put in the portacot. Once asleep i transferred her to her big bed so she woke in it.

My son took his favourite toy off him and said bunny will come back when your asleep. I only had to do it a few times for each of them

Bec Innes We got our son a smaller toddler bed and put up a rail. He loves the secure feeling and adjusted easier after that. We also put a baby gate on the door. It still took a few weeks for us but i never offered the cot or a porta cot just persisted.

Emily Cargill With my 1.5 year old we started with naps in his big boy bed, favorite toy, and nice music before full nights. We made his room a nice fun place that was safe/ comfortable for him that he could go in there by himself if needed. He played up a bit at first since he used to nap in our bed or the pram but soon got used it. Some nights I'd just get him to sleep by any means then put him in his big boy bed so he woke up in a familiar place just different. He would wake in the middle of the night at first, I'd get him a drink, then sing or just lay there until he settled. Now he sleeps through most nights in his bed unless it's really cold then he comes in with us. All together it is a big process and we had some bad nights but it ended up being worth it. He knows that if he needs to he can sleep with us but I know it is hard(I don't sleep well with him in or bed).

Jacki Adams We've gone with a pretty strict routine. Finish milk in bed; read some books together in bed; lay head down on pillow to finish last book and tuck in; turn on Raffy with lullaby; we have a Kmart night light that projects stars so I tell my daughter I'm going to turn out the light and turn on the stars & then I shut the door. Some nights are better than others but I've found being consistent is the biggest thing.

Good Luck!