Mel Watts you are our hero

So no doubt you may have seen a recent post by the amazing Mel Watts 'the modern momma', where she shared a post on Instagram with herself sitting in her underwear. She does this to show her followers that they matter, really matter. This really resonated with me, mainly because of her bravery. We all have our so-called flaws that society has placed upon us, but not many of us are willing to share this with so many. Instagram is well known for it's beautiful shots of seemingly perfect models and buff, toned dudes looking well, buff. So it is so refreshing to have someone leave themselves exposed like this. She offered her followers two options, to offend or to spread love and I am so pleased to see that this particular post was liked so far over 20,500 times and had almost 1500 comments of support. As women and mothers we need to support each other. This is the BEST example to be presenting to our children and I believe that by teaching our children to support and love others, we could really make a big dent on bullying. 

Congratulations Mel, you are so incredibly brave and your message to us mums is truly inspiring.