The changing face of dating

Back when I first started dating you would meet someone at a pub or club or through a friend or at work, basically it was pretty much all done in person. These days it is estimated that around 4.5 million Australians are using online dating and it is in fact the second most preferred way to meet a new partner behind an introduction by family and friends.

Imagine being a stay at home mum of three super young children and finding yourself single when you're in your mid 30's? Yep that was me. I was terrified of the whole idea of it to be honest. The only reason I actually did was because I read on a social media group that it could be a hilarious way of occupying your quiet nights alone once the kids were all tucked up in bed. So I set up a profile, decided to be completely honest and include photos of myself with my children and sat back and waited. I found the majority of my journey was using my gut and trying to separate the men from the jerks. I initially met someone nice but perhaps it was a bit early or perhaps he wasn't quite right so it ended and then I randomly messaged (yes it's a modern world now) another guy I thought looked nice, he messaged back, we started chatting, realised we had mutual friends, and decided to go on an actual date. Queue the nerves because I hadn't dated properly for over 13 years but I puckered up the courage and went. I haven't looked back. 

But has the stigma of online dating stopped a lot of people from trying it? My mum still tells all her friends that we met through friends! Have you met your partner online? I'd love to hear some other stories, successful or not.