Why you should be proud to have little girls


Have you had several girls? Was there a bit of you that was upset that you weren't given a little boy bubba? When I found out I was having another little girl there was a part of me that was sad for the son I'd never know. Then I just counted my blessings as I counted all her toes and looked into her beautiful big eyes. 

Now is a wonderful time to be born a little girl in Australia and it's only going to get better. 

I know so many inspirational women from Newcastle. I'm talking major, kick bottom, spunky, smart and lovely to boot girls that have built the most amazing brands and have the most unbelievable integrity as people. They also work really hard and often have families as well. 

As far as inspiration goes for your little ladies. Take a leaf out inspirational 13 year old Sabre Norris' book.

Her YouTube channel, Sabre Norris and the Norris Nuts gets 1million plus tuning in and she's working hard on her goal to skate at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. She has been making progress saying “I like to go well in the comps because I like to win, but it’s always good when you’re having fun,” “That’s kind of all that matters,” she said.

You got this girl, take your beautiful big life and make the most of it!