Newcastle.. the city of opportunity. Do you like it this way?

I grew up on Sydney's Northern Beaches and never thought I would ever leave. That is, until I realised that the cost of our teeny little apartment on a busy main road was going to be the same as acreage 20 minutes out of Newcastle city. When I was little, my family had a pool and a fair amount of space to explore and run around and I felt it would only be fair to allow my children the same opportunity. Newcastle has really given us a great lifestyle. I am seeing more and more posts on the NHM Facebook group with people wanting information on good suburbs and schools because they are considering the big move. And can you really blame them? I really believe that the more people that arrive here, the better it will be for us. We will get more and more decent cafes and eateries, more chance of great musical artists and sporting events coming to town and if you're a home owner, the value of your property will increase too. 

On the flip side, whenever there is change, there is always a level of resistance as well. So tell me, does the influx of new residents impact you? What are your thoughts?