What if you shared your home with children who call a home a hotel room?

What if you shared your home with children who call a home a hotel room?

Christmas is a truely incredible time of the year as a mother of a loving family with beautiful healthy children and a loving supportive partner but what if that’s not your reality? What if you’ve just left a turbulent relationship where your partner was cheating on you or you were suffering abuse? What if you’d just lost a loved one, the closest person to you in your life was gone from this planet and you had to spend your first Christmas without them? This is a reality for a lot of people this Christmas. We talk about it below and what it feels like to be in this situation as well as what other people who aren’t in the situation can do to help.

We also explore the sad reality for so many children at this time of year living without an actual home and existing in the four walls of a hotel room with carers around the clock.

We talk to one mum who gave a child a forever home for Christmas and how she’s changed a little boys life. If you want to find out more about giving a child somewhere to call home visit Catholic Care. NHM- I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA Proudly Sponsored by The Little Unicorn, at Broadmeadow, Honeysuckle and soon to be Charlestown Square discover childhood education that supports the individuality of each child and their early learning journey -  explore, play, discover grow. 

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