The Plastic Bag Ban

We live in a lucky country where one of our biggest debates lately has been about the ban of single use plastic bags in supermarkets. And while I realise that in the scheme of things it shouldn't be a major deal, I'll enter into the debate regardless. 


So in NSW, we don't even have an actual ban in place, yet Coles and Woolies have both removed single use plastic bans from stores across the country. What I struggled with straight away was that plastic bags were removed for environmental reasons yet you are able to purchase a 'tougher' bag for 15 cents. Still a plastic bag though right? So the charges started, and their profits increased too, funny that. Actually, so much so that one expert claims they stand to make a $71 million gross profit just by changing from the old grey to the 'better bag'. Queue the customer complaints. So now Coles are offering free reusable bags until Sunday.


And then there is the news from around the country about customer reactions. One store reported a customer leaving with a basket, another with a trolley in the back of their vehicle and then another angry customer attempting to physically injure an employee.


Look, I'm not that perturbed, I'll try and remember my old Aldi bags or just get the kids to snag a couple of the fruit and veg bags!