separated families

The good and bad of the Christmas season

Yesterday I drove up to Taree and did the dreaded drop off of my three kids. I really shouldn’t complain, I was lucky enough to have the kids all over the actual Christmas days until the 27th and then they’ll be coming back on the 30th. Everyone has said, relax, enjoy some you time, make the most of it etc etc. But it’s Christmas and everywhere you turn are smiling happy families and little children off having fun. The last thing you feel like doing is having some ‘me time’ at this time of year. The kids on the other hand, were absolutely thrilled at the realisation that they would be getting two Christmases and potentially two separate Santa gift deliveries. What kid wouldn’t be excited at that?! So they literally jumped into Dad’s car after a quick kiss to me. I’m happy for them and I’m happy that he finally gets to see them because I know it was hard on him not having them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

So this holiday season, appreciate your beautiful family and spare a thought for a friend who may be a little bit lonely for a few days or even longer. Call them round for a Christmas drink now, my friend did last night and it was so appreciated.