school pickup

I Got It From My Plover!


Today during school pick up it rained and of course I didn't bring an umbrella so the kids and I relied on hats and hoodies. Amidst the rain I suddenly heard squawking and looked up to see wings right near my head. A plover thinking we were after it's eggs was on the attack. My oldest son who is 6 bolted and hid, yelling out that we were all going to die, and my younger two and myself were hiding behind a bush while the plover stared at us and inched it's way forward. 


Of course after our ordeal we watched as one of the preschool teachers walked straight past the bird and IT walked away from her. I swear I attract these things. Since we've been home I've rung a few friends and it seems everyone has a plover or magpie story. So I've now done my research.

  • If you have plovers swooping in your area, try to avoid the nesting area and do not antagonise the birds. - I swear I did this!
  • If you cannot avoid the area, try not to walk directly towards the birds or make eye contact with them. Wearing a large hat or bike helmet when in their vicinity can also help. - off we go to buy helmets for school pickup
  • If the nest site is simply in a vulnerable position, a protective fence/table/chair can be placed over the nest site so that the birds can come and go safely until the chicks are hatched.