Have you heard of The Floss??? Neither had I!

About a week ago one of the kids came home doing this strange little dance move and we all laughed. Then he did it again the next day and we thought it was a bit odd so suggested he maybe stop doing it so much. Then we were walking through the shops over the weekend and saw another child doing the same dance and realised that maybe we were missing something. So to google we go. 


It's called The Floss and comes from an Insta-famous American schooled, Russell Horning, also known as The Backpack Kid, I guess because he wears a backpack. He has around 2 million followers so I'm definitely not judging. 


So I feel like I'm way behind on the latest craze because apparently everyone is doing it. Celebs like Millie Bobby Brown, Dele Alli, Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins are all doing The Floss. I guess because I have absolutely no clue who any of the above are that I'm pretty safe in knowing that I'm totally behind the 8 ball. I'm not too concerned because it really is a dance that makes it look like you're flossing your nether regions... 

What are you reading?

I remember when I was a teenager I had specific magazines that I would read religiously, some that I would read at friend's houses and others that I would scoff at claiming they were for old people. So you can imagine my horror now as I sat down to enjoy a read of Cosmo, one of my old faves to find that I am now way too old for Cosmo! When did this even happen? It's all about one night stands, what you should study at University and wait for it... acne! In the latest issue there is even an article on 'The Art of Doing Nothing' with a tagline, 'Imagine measuring a day's accomplishments not by your to-do list ticks, but by the number of times you stopped to take time out and watch the sunset'. Ha! Excuse me? 


So I closed up the eagerly anticipated new magazine and picked up my Home Beautiful magazine which I'm sure reminds me of what was on my mum's coffee table growing up. When did this ageing process happen? 


What are you reading? And please don't say Cosmo!