NHM's Top Ten Ways to Tire the Kids - AKA school holiday activities

For some of us they’re here already! Yep, day one and I’m off to see The Grinch at the movies. Slightly concerning that I’m already using up an activity on the first day. Here is my list of trusted activities that will help make the holidays fly by!


  • Ralph Break the Internet

  • How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World

  • Storm Boy

Physical Fun:

  • Inflatable World

  • Megamania or Chipmunks

  • Flip Out

  • Revolution

  • Ten Pin Bowling

  • Ice Skating

  • Tree Tops

  • Holy Moly putt putt golf

  • Any of the awesome pools and many have cool inflatables up over the holidays


  • Hunter Valley Zoo

  • Oakvale Farm

  • Blackbutt

  • Hunter Wetlands Centre

There are plenty of interactive things on at The Museum and each of the libraries and galleries. I also love exploring our bushland but pack the mozzie repellant!

Whatever you end up doing, we hope you have a fun, happy and safe holidays with the kids!

xx bec and sarge

Moving to Newcastle

Moving to Newcastle

Like many of us who now call Newcastle home, I didn’t always. In fact, when I first moved here and started meeting other mum friends, the ones who were from out of town far outweighed those that were born and bred Novocastrians. I hail from Sydney originally, via a 2 year stop in Brisbane. By the time our family was ready to pack up and head down to Newcastle we felt we had experienced enough different cities and were ready to try and settle.

Cuppa anyone?

You’d think as a busy mum I’d be writing an article on coffee but as a shout out to my UK friends, this one is all about tea. I’m on a health kick at the moment so tea is the preferred hot drink at the moment! So here is where to grab Newcastle’s finest.

The Tea Collective


I’ll throw this one up the top. The Tea Collective is the most luxe tea house in Newcastle. It has to be pretty good given it even has the word in it’s title. Located in the Autumn Rooms, on Darby Street, they won best tea menu in Australia and best tea house in NSW in their first six months of opening. Of course, they also host high teas and we have some packages to win in an upcoming Podcast. All the details here.

Novotel Newcastle Beach

Not only do the Novotel serve beautiful High Teas, if you choose to extend your afternoon you can then go next door to Bar Petite. Perfect way to tee off an afternoon we say! The views are spectacular, the service is top notch as well.

Novotel Newcastle Beach

Novotel Newcastle Beach


St Thomas High Tea Carrington

A converted Church in Carrington this is a high tea place by appointment only and it is so beautiful you have to check it out!


Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen

Oh la la! This one will impress! Nanna Kerr’s is in the Hunter Valley and all about indulgence. They welcome vegans, vegetarians, coeliacs and those interested in sugar-free and dairy-free diets.


Euro Patisserie

Famous for it’s pastries and cakes, they also have high teas on the weekend.

Spring Holidays


A close friend of mine and I are the parent network coordinators for our respective son’s years at the same school. Essentially a parent network coordinator is like a parent connection between the school and parents, but we like to refer to ourselves as the social coordinators. We happily organise mums nights outs and play dates. We also happily get together before each school holidays and organise impending school holiday activities, we also do this over a bottle of wine, so you see the appeal. So I thought I’d share some of our ideas with you.

  • There are obvious things like the movies. These holidays the ones that are out are Christopher Robin, Luis and the Aliens, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, Smallfoot and The House with a Clock in its Walls.

  • Old faves like bowling, Holy Moly Putt Putt, Inflatable World, Revolution and Ice Skating, the Wetlands, Museum and the Reptile Park

  • Playgrounds, I’m recommending these holidays to try out the new ones in Cameron Park and Richley Reserve

  • As the weather starts to get warmer we have planned a trip to Caves Beach to go cave walking (is that what you call it?)

  • We usually plan a lunch date somewhere - I’d recommend the newly revamped Argy Hotel, SJs, Wallsend Diggers, Blackbutt Hotel, the Mattara

  • Go grab a freak shake from The Depot on Darby. I took my littlest for one the other day and I think he nearly fell off his chair in shock when it arrived

  • Mega Creatures is on again at Hunter Valley Gardens and they promise new and exciting rides and creatures

My friend and I are meeting at the end of this week… come on help me out with ideas of what your plans are to entertain our little darlings these holidays!

School Holidays with the NHM

They're nearly here! Have you planned them yet? My oldest son is now in year 1 and our year have organised playdates throughout the holidays. We've organised them at a lot of fun places so I thought I would share it with you.



Hunter Valley Gardens - Snow Time in the Garden: Each July holidays our family will visit the snow time exhibition and it's definitely the closest to snow that I like to go! I do believe it is worth the money but you do need to try to get your full day's worth. This year you can ice skate, ride on the toboggan, build a snowman, have fun on the 9D adventure and watch live ice sculpting plus much more. 


Ninja Warrior Parc, Darby Street: There are two sides to this place. One is the warrior side where the kids run through a set of different obstacles and the other side is the climb side where they are harnessed up and climb up various different climbing walls. Now, the climb side states it is really for 5 and up, however my 2 year had a great crack at it! 



Holy Moly Golf or Strike at Charlestown: Stay out of the cold and be entertained for hours here. Holy Moly is a really interactive putt putt golf place that the kids will love. Then when you finish up there, Strike Bowling is in the same location. 


Movies: There's a great selection of movies these school holidays. They include, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Incredibles 2, Hotel Transylvania 3, Avengers, Early Man. 


Hunter Wetlands Centre Dinosaur Adventure: This is on form July 7 to July 21, between 9.30am and 1.30pm. There's an exhibition, reptiles, craft activities and a Dino search. Tickets are super cheap and $8 for non members of the wetlands. 


Plus, Newcastle always has entertainment at the libraries, art galleries and museum. The reptile park, Hunter Valley Zoo are always great options. 

Fire Up your Saturday Night

Fire at The Edwards in Parry Street

Fire at The Edwards in Parry Street

One NHM Mumma did a  shout out looking for places to have dinner with a fireplace. How amazing is a real live fireplace on a cold afternoon or evening. Even better still sitting next to one with a cool beer, Sav Blanc or a cheese platter and a Shiraz, ok I'll stop now. NHM Mummas mentioned these places;The Edwards pictured above, The Junction Hotel, The Delaney, The George Tavern Greenhills and Bonta Vera at Minmi. If you know of any others please share. 


It's Almost MOTHER'S DAY


NHM Mummas I'd like to officially declare this 'The Festival of Mum'!

For the next few days please palm off screaming kids to Daddy, feel free to drink Champagne any time of the day, washing.. what washing? Sit your bottom down, don't get up. Drink in (no pun intended) the love of your beautiful little creations and rejoice, you are a Mumma! And a damn fine one, which is why I declare 'The Festival of Mum' officially open.

One of my brilliant Mumma friends Ali Cooke has created an amazing place for you to celebrate with loved ones this Sunday. Everything we love is there tapas like street eats, market stalls, live music, craft beer and fine wine. Come celebrate with Bec and I at Five Senses and a shout out to my beautiful Mumma friend Ali for creating Five Senses and being an awesome hustling Mumma. We love hearing about Mummas doing inspiring, creative things and working hard at their own dreams as well as looking after their bubbas! 

Happy Mother's Day Love NHM x