OMG Big Little Lies


I started to watch last season of Big Little Lies and like, whatever, for about 2 episodes then something changed in me and I had backside ache from watching too many episodes in a row. You know that bottom ache you get in a really long uni lecture? I had that, for the rest of the season. So you could imagine the fear I felt for the condition of my backside when it was revealed that Meryl Streep was entering the cast for Season 2 as Nicole Kidman's mother in law.. oh my gawwdd oh my gawwddd.. Now it's been revealed that Kieth Urban, that cute eyeline wearing, country singer sweetheart of Nicole's could also be entering stage right. Nicole revealed in a recent interview 'He might do a cameo, wouldn't you?' I would for sure, while I was on set I'd also get Meryl to sign my boobs. Love you Meryl.