Silent Saturday

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So if your kids play soccer through Northern NSW football league you may have seen an email about Silent Saturday which is going to be this Saturday, May 26. Basically as a coach, parent, spectator etc. you can't yell out at the kids on the field. Oh my god I am in so much trouble! Yes, I am that mum. In my defence, my mum was also that mum at my netball games growing up. Hell, she even got banned, by me. 


So naturally, I'm concerned about this weekend. But, I do feel it's necessary. And how tragic is that? How come days like these even need to be implemented? When did the school age sport games turn so competitive? When did us as parents start putting so much pressure on the kids to constantly perform well. And more to the point, when did Saturday morning sport start to turn nasty, even violent? I've heard stories where parents are physically fighting each other! Don't we enrol our children in team sports so that they learn to work as a team? To enjoy some active and fun time with their mates? But lastly, is a day like Saturday going to make us think about how we are acting at the other games or will we all just go back to yelling out, 'kick the damn ball!'