Why Facebook is ruining friendships...


My reasons for joining the Facebook world were fairly valid I thought. Our family had recently moved out of Sydney and so this was a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. Instead of trying to remember to individually send pictures of kids to family members, one quick upload and they could all see. Great!

I really feel lately though that there is so much weight on Facebook and I guess the ‘ethics’ around it. If you haven’t commented on a friends photo of their child’s first day of school, or you forget to click ‘like’ on a funny status update of another friend, are you now considered not as close to that person? Will that person be offended?

I first started noticing this a couple of years ago. Life is crazy busy (as it is for everyone) and I find myself not on Facebook as much as I used to be, especially in my breastfeeding years. I constantly miss updates from close friends and when I catch up with them in person and ask ‘what’s been happening?’ I really mean it! But I noticed when I did stop scrolling through Facebook as much that I couldn’t keep a lot of the older friendships I had. That’s sad isn’t it!? I certainly don’t blame anyone for this, and I also don’t blame myself. In the past two years, having not been on my phone as often has been refreshing. I’m flat out during the day and to be honest the last thing I feel like doing at night, if I get a chance to sit, is scroll through my phone.

A really positive thing is that not having learnt about my friends lives from Facebook, means I’m more inclined to catch up with them personally, and we actually have things to talk about! I remember a while ago catching up with friends and everyone knew what everyone was up to before we’d even properly chatted.

Anyway, a few thoughts there, but isn’t it a funny world we now live in!

Your time on Facebook

I recently discovered a new feature on Facebook which allows you to see just how long you’re spending on the addictive app. I co-admin the NHM Facebook group so I was expecting it to be quite high, but I’ve also made a conscious effort to reduce my time on the app as much as possible to spend quality time with the family when I get it. My oldest son has noticed just how much I’m not on my phone, perhaps because he has to help me find it when I continuously lose it, but I was super proud when that happened. Less time on Facebook means that I probably check my news feed once a week and I generally ‘miss out’ on a lot of my friend’s posts. But you know what, this has almost been a good thing. I find I’m making an effort to pick up the phone and CALL friends to catch up on what is happening instead of just staying abreast of everything online.

So imagine my surprise when my stats came back saying that I have spent an average of 51 minutes a day using the app in the last week! No way! Anyway, check it out guys because it tells you your breakdown of each day in the last week so you can see what your popular FB days are. Luckily for me in my quest to pull back, the weekends are my lowest. From this feature you can also edit your news feed preferences to see more photos, and posts from those you want to and here’s the best bit, you can set a daily reminder once you’ve reached the time that you’ve allocated yourself on Facebook each day. How cool is that!


They say any publicity is good publicity...

Facebook reviews... are they valuable or detrimental?

This has always been something I've been in two minds about. The review option for businesses can be really beneficial, as long as it's a good review you are receiving. Then there's always businesses that have bad days and I think for the most part people can accept that. But what about when a business receives a response that they don't feel is justified? This is exactly what happened to The Howard Springs Bakery in the Northern Territory. They received a one star review from a customer about a cold pie and an out of date iced coffee and boy were they not happy! They responded in a less than nice fashion (check it out below) and boy has that blown up in their face!