coffee snobs



Mum said today 'back in my day you couldn't leave the house when you had kids. No one would let you into a cafe they just turned you away'. WOW I thought, that's super mean. Having said that, to go to a cafe with the kids isn't often enjoyable, you just have to woof down what you're eating and skull your coffee as fast as you can while you direct them around like a neurotic actor on the set of an epic drama. Enter 'kid friendly cafes', my main problem with them is the coffee tends to be rather crap - well not always here are a few cafes that offer a kid friendly experience and a good brew. 

1. Kids of Thunder - 114 Maitland Rd, Mayfield. New on the scene they offer elaborate play areas and great coffee. NHM hasn't tried it yet, the only thing we're not sure on is they said they only do sweets and we love us some smashed avo. 

2. Habitat Cafe - 513 Glebe Rd, Adamsown. This place is seriously great, its pretty secure with a great play area. I used to meet with my first ever and only Mum's group here and we always had a great brew and a blissful time. Fun fact, Sonya Cameron who initiated the group was also the midwife at the JHH who delivered my second baby Lilly. I am a huge fan of the JHH and their Drs and nurses how blessed we are to have them. 

3. Goodness Me Organics 617 Glebe Rd, Adamstown. I've had good coffee from these guys before their organic eats are also really good. It has a lovely vibe and Mums with kids are welcome, it's also rather secure. 

4. The Secret Garden Charlestown Square. Nice coffee but a limited menu. Having said that the play equipment here is ample so the mums that I see there often look pretty stoked for some time out. I've also seen mums sort of 'settle in' there, bringing out snacks for their kids that they've packed. The vibe I get from here is that it's much loved by Newie Mummas. 

5. Black Circle Cafe, 12 Alma Rd, New Lambton. My friends have recommend you go to Black Circle because there's a great kid friendly area, the Peaberry's brew is good as is the food, they have an 'all day breakfast menu' and they do free baby chinos.