christmas meal

Bec and Sarge's Christmas Meal Plans


Our next Podcast release is a special on Christmas meals and we were lucky enough to get some expert tips! So in the spirit of giving, I thought we should share our own meal plans. Now, we are certainly not experts in this but we have family traditions, tried and true so here goes!


Mum’s Famous Ham:

No matter where the ham is from, it hasn’t failed yet! Grab a half ham, score it and put cloves into the join, rub american mustard all over. Then on the stove top combine orange juice, bitter orange marmalade, brown sugar, five spice powder and baste this on your ham. Pop it in the oven until it’s cooked and keep some of your sauce to pour over later. AMAZING!

My Layered Salad:

Ok, so this isn’t my recipe but I’m famous for it in my family, and it looks sensational on the table. You can prepare it the day before and just polish it up on the day.

Bottom layer: shredded iceberg lettuce.

Next layer: Frozen peas

Next layer: Boiled eggs, pushed through a sieve, combined with chopped mushrooms

Next layer: Grated cheese

Next layer: Combined sour cream, french mustard, lemon juice, shallots and mayonnaise.

Then I would leave it and pop covered in the fridge overnight.

Next layer: Crisp, fried bacon

Next layer: Tomato wedges, sprinkle over parsley

Wolah! And so pretty!

This year, we are also doing a roast pork with crackling, because well, crackling. I’m also considering grabbing a turkey and stuffing it with a herb and pancetta homemade stuffing. Someone else is bringing dessert this year but I’m super keen to try out a peanut butter trifle I saw in the latest Coles magazine.


Sarge plans on serving up sticks of haloumi and watermelon. I’m keen to see how these work so expecting a message on Chrissy day! She’s also on cheese platter duties and is leaving the rest up to her mum! She says she feels guilty but in true mum style, says she wants to do it!

So ladies, put the diets on hold over Christmas, the food doesn’t get much better does it!? Also, feel free to share your own meal plans, we’d love to see them!