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Charlize Theron Depicts the 'Real' Motherhood in Tully

You know all those movies, like every movie that depicts birth and motherhood as the breeze that it's not. As I went in between my toddler with a sore throat and a middle ear infection and my 5 month old with this weird rash and runny poo illness and watched this trailer, something resonated. Her feelings of unsexiness, exhaustion, skirting close to the mental edge was something I could relate to so I can't wait to go see Tully! 

It is copping some flack though. Maternal mental health advocate Lisa Tremayne,  director of the Center for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders at one of the largest birthing hospitals in New Jersey said "This is such a missed opportunity to help stop the stigma. Sadly, so many women are already planning a moms' night out to see this movie. We must issue a warning." Motherly digital education editor, midwife, and pediatric nurse, Diana Spalding says "Motherhood is hard, yes, but it is not this. This is mental illness. Brushing aside her mental illness again refuses to give it the attention it deserves adding "Theron's character, Marlo, isn't just an exhausted and overwhelmed new mum still grappling with baby weight and an impossible mess of a house amid caring for two children in addition to her newborn, she's also a delusional, dangerous and a manic mum.

I'm not so sure I agree? Love to know your thoughts on the trailer?