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G'day Mate!


The word mate… hmmmmm…. so much to say about this little 4 lettered word. Most commonly used to soften a conversation. Follow up a confrontation with ‘mate’ and it’s not quite as harsh is it? Or did you forget someone’s name? Doesn’t matter, just say ‘mate’ and you’re safe!

Buzzfeed said in an article that these are the ways mate is used:

  1. To say hello to someone

  2. To reference a friend

  3. To express excitement for someone

  4. To express disbelief

  5. To replace the phrase, ‘here’s the thing’ or ‘let me tell you’ when you’re about to drop a truth bomb on someone

  6. To warn someone that you’re annoyed with them

  7. To tell someone they need to chill

  8. To replace the phrase, ‘this guy’, in an affectionate manner

  9. To replace the words ‘bitch’ or ‘dude’

  10. To accentuate a stern conversation

  11. To disagree with someone

  12. To address someone when you don’t know or can’t remember their name

  13. To verbally shake your head at someone

  14. And to show aggression online

(Seriously though, how many times did you say out loud mate in these contexts)

But what about women? Can women use the word mate? I did a quick google search on this and found one website and their top rule on using the word, is that women must NEVER use it!

Tag a ‘mate’ that uses the word a lot!