How to Look this Good at 60!

This is Sharon Stone at The Contenders for The Emmys just gone, she's 60 by the way and Christie Brinkley she's 67! Don't believe the interviews they give that tell you they look this good because of 'blah blah skincare blah blah water blah blah salad'. The reason they look so amazing is because they've had work done but they've had good work. Here is the difference between good work and bad work. Enter Donatella Versace, Priscilla Presley and Renee Zellweger, they're sooo rich but they've made some bad decisions.. Read on to discover how to avoid looking like this. 

1. Don't overfill your forehead with botox, leave a little bit of movement, so I don't know, you can look like you're expressing an emotion maybe and your forehead doesn't look like a saucepan. 

2. Don't overfill your cheeks with filler. No comment, just eww. ps. you look like a drag queen, but not as good as a drag queen. And when you're older and your skin sags off those fake cheek bones well it's just gross and you look like an alien. 

3. If you do happen to overfill your forehead with botox, don't try and counter it with a stack of botox under your eyebrows. You look permanently surprised but you can't express your surprise because your forehead is too full of botox. 

4. Don't overfill your lips. Pleaaaassee that beestung look is sooo passe. In fact my Dr Stefan from Concept Cosmetic on King Street will refuse to put any filler in your lips if he thinks they will look overfull. I mean don't get me wrong, if you have pencil thin lips and get lipstick on your teeth every time you apply it then sure give yourself a nice line but easy on ladies. 

5. Allow yourself a little bit of crow's feet movement too, just so you can emote and don't look like you're stuck in a wind tunnel or like one of those bulgy eyed fish you have in your tank. 

Love @NHMNewcastlehuntermummas x